Crazy for Summer Readathon - Day 1 Wrap-Up and Day 2 Poetry Challenge

June 22, 2015

Hey guys! Today, I'll be giving you my day 1 update for the Crazy For Summer Readathon!

Title: Queen of Bright and Shiny Things
Author: Ann Aguirre
Genre: YA Contemporary
Pages Read: 336 of 336 pages

Books Finished: 1

Two truths and a lie answer: "I hate pizza" was a lie. Duh. It's not possible to hate pizza.

Where I am From Poem:
Okay, Here goes the worst poem in the history of poems

I am from pages filled with millions of words
and bookshelves filled with beautiful books
I am from hardcovers with glossy dust-jackets
I am from floppy paperbacks with great looks

I am from supernatural creatures
like witches and wizards and vampires too
I am from a new world every single day
I am from just reading, not eating or even going to the loo

I am from hiding away in a corner 
always finding an excuse to read
I am from fangirling about Will Herondale
and Percy and Ron and any other male lead

I am from anticipating new releases
and from bursting into tears when a character dies
I am from being afraid to flip a page and end the book
"I am from reading, and only reading" she cries.


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  1. 336 pages is quite an accomplishment, great job!
    And that is nowhere near the worst poem in the world--I really like it! I even rhymes :)
    I hope you're enjoying the Readathon!

    Max @ Crazy for YA

    1. Yeah, I didn't expect to finish the book. It was just too good. I tried to make every alternate sentence rhyme but it didn't work out, but thanks for the compliment! Thanks so much for hosting and yes, I am enjoying it very much!

  2. Congrats on finishing your first book :) I loved your poem, I am loving them all. Happy Readathon!

    1. Thanks you so much! Happy Readathon to you too :D

  3. I'm increasingly impressed by everyone's poems. Fangirling is definitely something I think we can all relate to when reading. Not only the cute guys, but the cute guys bickering with their love interest.A wonderful poem :D
    Yay! You got your first book down. Good luck with the rest. I hope you enjoyed Queen of Bright and Shiny Things.

    1. Fangirling is my life! All day every day! Thanks! I'm so happy I got the first book down in the first day. I didn't have much time to read yesterday. I loved Queen of Bright and Shiny Things! It was so good. Good luck to you to, and Happy Reading :D


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