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June 14, 2015

Title: Demonglass/Spellbound
Author: Rachel Hawkins
Series: Hex Hall #2 and 3
Genre: YA Paranormal
Format Read: Ebook
Publisher: Hyperion
Rating: ★★★★★

*Synopsis contains spoilers will not be included. Please do not read this review if you have not read the series*

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I loved these books! So entertaining! They were as fast paced and funny as the first book but there were a lot more plot twists!

First off, I really need to express my love for Sophie. She made so many witty comments and I laughed out loud so many times! Rachel Hawkins's sense of humour is amazing, and it makes her books so much more enjoyable! Also, Sophie isn't frustrating like some other YA female protagonists. She is just so perfect and I love her,

I also need to express my hate for Archer freaking Cross. The only thing I didn't like about Sophie was that she kept going back to Archer. WHY WHY WHY? Can I remind you that he is supposed to be part of the enemy? And you're already BETROTHED TO CAL THE PERFECT GUY! Archer is just so annoying! Anyone who is capable of lying to someone they "love" for that long should never be trusted. "OH look, that guy who tried to kill me and my entire race is back from wherever the hell he disappeared to for six months without any contact. Let's go make out with him!" How ridiculous does that sound?

Regardless of Archer, this book was amazing! Because of this:

' "That reminds me," Dad said to Mrs. Casnoff. "I was wondering if it would be alright for Alexander Callahan to come with us as well."
"Who the heck is Alexander Callahan?" I asked. "Oh, right. Cal."

I. Love. Cal. He is amazing! He can heal people, he is so swoon worthy and he is NOT part of a group of crazy supernatural creature hunters. What more could you ask for? I don't understand why Sophie would even have to think twice before choosing between the two! 

I wish I had a totally awesome pink haired vampire best friend like Jenna. Jenna is just so supportive and cool and always there for her friends! And when she was trying to set up Sophie and Cal, it was so weird but also funny at the same time!My heart broke when they fought but it was sewn back together when they made up.
 I liked Sophie's dad from the moment I saw him. He was pretty cool.

Thorne Abbey seems like a really awesome place to live in... I wish it was real and I wish I could visit. But the people that come with the mansion, not so much. Lara was just too good to be truly good and I'm glad I didn't get attached to her. Daisy and Nick were okay but I didn't think they'd last long as when she first saw them, they had that demon-y look in their eyes. The house was filled with secrets, and as soon as the grimoire disappeared, I knew something was fishy.

Nick and Daisy's story was so intriguing, yet sad. It was really interesting to get some insight on their lives and that the Thorne family was raising demons but in the end, it turned out that they were born demons. 

The Casnoff family surprise. Woah. When we found out that they were planning on raising an army of demons and that even Mrs Casnoff was part of this, I had to put the book down and breathe. Lara, I suspected she was doing something fishy from the start but... Mrs Casnoff! I did not expect that! Sophie actually lost her powers! I was so shocked!

And Sophie being a Brannick? Part of a Prodigium hunting society? WOW! Rachel Hawkins really knows how to catch her readers off guard. Did not expect that! I like that Izzy girl... feisty and brave! I think Sophie was a bit rude to her and vice versa at the beginning though.

The biggest surprise was definitely the Elodie bombshell. "Oh, look, the mean girl who died in front go my life is coming back to haunt me and possess me and be mean to me in her afterlife. I totally expected that! (NOT!)" I was glad she was back though. When she basically told Archer that he wasn't good enough for Sophie and that he should back off, I was cheering for Elodie so hard!

And at last, everything was resolved. All the action was over. BUT CAL! CAL DIED AND I CRIED!  WHY WHY WHY??? Why couldn't have Archer died and Cal and Sophie could have married each other like they were supposed to and I would have been the happiest girl alive! :(

Anyways, Hex Hall was brought back, Jenna and (unfortunately) Archer were staying back a year with Sophie and they were going to go to real college after that. Also, SOPHIE FOR HEAD OF THE COUNCIL! WOOHOO!

Overall, I loved this trilogy! It was action packed, fun to read and filled with twists and turns. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a fun, light hearted, fast-paced read with a witty protagonist and an awesome plot!
- Rekha

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