Ebooks vs Physical Books - The Big Bad Discussion!

June 14, 2015

Hey! Today I decided to join the  worldwide debate: which is better? Ebook or Physical Book? Let the discussion BEGIN!

  • Physical books give us avid readers that feeling which we love. When we read a physical book, we feel like we're having a close relationship with it. It's unexplainable, but if you love to read books and have been reading books for a while (since before Ebooks were a thing) then you definitely know what I'm talking about.

1. Ebooks, however, are more compact and accessible. You can access Ebooks from most electronic devices. It doesn't matter is you have an iPhone, an Android, a Mac, a Linux, a Windows, and iPad or a tablet: You have that Ebook at the click of a button. Whereas with the Physical Book, you either have to buy the book from a bookstore and drag it home, or buy it online and wait for shipping, or borrow it.

  • With the Physical Book, you have the package deal: You have a beautiful, live cover and spine, a full sized book to display proudly on your bookshelf and all the words inside. You can show off what you're reading to other readers when you go out to chill someplace public and who knows? You might spread your love for the book to someone else and you might make some friends along the way! With the Ebook, all you have to show off is the back cover of whatever electronic device you're using. :(

2. Ebooks are considerably cheaper compared to Physical Books. I'd rather pay the $4.99 than the $17.99 for a book that I know nothing about. However, some Ebooks are only a couple dollars less than the physical book, which is absurd considering that with the Physical Book, you actually get a book with the cover and print while on the Ebook, you merely get a bland document. I usually end up buying the Physical Format to reread when I enjoy the Ebook.

  • Physical books can be read in sunny places with no glare problems. However, if you don't have a specific type of reader, chances are you're going to find it easier to read a physical book at the beach. However, Ebooks are great for reading in the dark while with physical books, it's impossible.

3. Ebooks are much easier to read and carry around. Lugging around an 800 page book is possible, but it can get uncomfortable. On the other hand, you can carry around 50 800 page books in one hand, no problem if you use Ebooks.

  • You don't want to read an Ebook when you're taking a nice, long bath or a shower because there are the chances your expensive device is going to break. However, you can read a physical book near water without any worries.

4. The Ebook runs on a battery which might run out at that last moment, and that climactic moment, at the worst possible moment ever and you have to sit there and wait for it to charge or read uncomfortably with the device plugged in. With the Physical book, you open it,  you read it, you finish it and everyone's happy!

  • If you drop a physical book, you can be done with an "Oops," pick it up and continue reading. If you drop an Ebook, you might get a heart attack from worrying that the device is broken and you can't finish your book.

5. Ebooks are handy when you want to take notes for a review or just in general. You just gotta tap the screen and insert your note. With the physical book, you have to get a pen and paper and sit down in a position where you can actually write properly. It's a downright pain and not many people bother!

Ultimately, which  one you choose is really dependant on what situation you're in. I personally prefer physical books slightly more as there is a satisfying feeling which comes with sitting down and reading a physical book that will never be matched by an Ebook. However, I find myself resorting to Ebooks a lot as my place of living is stupid and doesn't have any bookstores which sell books at reasonable price. I can only buy physical books when I'm on vacation, which is a pain but it just makes the physical reading experience more special.

PLEASE comment down below and tell me your preferences! I'd love to start a discussion with you!


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  1. I think the ebook -v- physical book debate is never going to end, but in the end I think everyone concludes the same thing: they're both great for different things.

    I personally love both. For books that I know are going to be pretty, or that have graphics or special layouts in the pages, I always purchase the physical book. Pretty covers look gorgeous on my bookshelf, and there's nothing quite like turning the page to see a character's handwriting scrawled all over the pages. In the same sense, I always prefer hardbacks over paperbacks, just because they're so beautiful.

    But I also LOVE my ebooks. I own a Kindle Paperwhite, and it's always closer to me than my phone. I find that it is always much easier to read ebooks than physical books - on my Kindle, the font is always the same style, size and layout. The consistency makes it easier to read, because physical books can differ in text size and font, which can be annoying sometimes, especially when the font is teeny tiny. I also find that I can read ebooks faster than physical books. Something about being able to turn pages more easily, being able to read in any light, etc.

    So, like most people, I love both forms! I don't mind what format I read in, but often it comes down to whether a physical book would add to the reading experience, and matters of cost.

    PS- I don't know how anyone can read a physical book in the bath or on the beach! I always find that the steam and heat crinkles my pages, which I absolutely hate!! Haha

    1. I completely agree! I love getting pretty hardcover books and placing them on my shelf and when there's a special layout, reading an ebook is just not the same! I own a Kindle Paperwhite too, and I take it wherever I go since it's so light and easy to carry around. I have tons of book on there, and I do read faster on the Kindle too!

      I actually read books in the bath and the beach... it's just so relaxing!

      Thanks for sharing your opinion :D


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