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June 19, 2015

Title: Family Pets
Authors: Patrick Shand and Sarah Dill
Standalone Comic
Genre: YA Comic Book/Graphic Novel
Publication Date: July 15th 2015
Format Read: E-Arc
Publisher: Silver Dragon Books
Rating: ★★★★★
**I'd like to thank Netgalley for providing me with an E-Arc of this book**
Ever since her parents died on her fifth birthday, Thomasina has been daydreaming that someday something amazing will happen in her life to make up for the hurt she's been through. But after turning sixteen, Thomasina begins to accept that her life will remain unremarkable... But when she wakes up one morning to discover that her foster family has been turned into pet animals and her favorite pet snake into a dashing young man, her ordinary life will turn into an extraordinary adventure!

I didn't think a book with such a funny, quirky plot would have such a deep moral to it. I thought I'd come out of this book laughing lightheartedly, but I actually learnt something from this which I never thought would happen with a Comic Book.

Thomasina's parents died and she has gone through a great deal of other misfortunes. She wants to believe that there was some point to it all. One day, she wakes up and her family members are replaced by furry little pets and her beloved pet snake, Sebastian, has turned into a dashing young human man. Throughout this book, my pity and respect for Thomasina was growing. I felt sorry that she had to deal with all this alone, and that she felt like nobody would listen to her. Yet, I respected that she never gave up. Not even once!

Sebastian is someone who annoyed me when he was initially turned, but by the end I became really fond of him. He taught me that you have to make some serious sacrifices to get to where you want to be. He taught me that you should stop thinking about yourself, and think about the people who love and appreciate you more.

Smitty was a really interesting character. He plays the french horn, which I'm sure sounds really cool. I really loved the way he handled the situation, that he didn't buckle under the pressure and just acted calm even though he didn't believe he could solve the problem at hand.

Abuela reminded me of my sweet grannies, except she's much better at the internet. She was just so loving, kind and caring that I was tempted to call my grannies and have a long chat with them after the book ended.

The overall story of this book is very light and funny and weird but if you read between the lines, this book really teaches you something. It taught me about the sacrifices being made by many people in our everyday lives. It taught me about the importance of communication, the importance of family. This book just really hit me in the feels, and I am so grateful to Patrick Shand and Sarah Dill for disguising such an important topic as a quirky Comic Book. Whatever you're doing, drop it and go to and get this book. Read it, and then you'll understand what I feel.

 I'd like to thank Netgalley for providing me with an E-Arc of this book.

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