Mini Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

June 15, 2015

Hey Guys! Today I'll be telling you what goals I completed during Mini Bloggiesta this past weekend!

My to do list:
1. Make new pages and make blog more organised✓
2. Redesign Blog Banner
3. Interact with other Blogiesta participants✓
4. Update TBR Jar✓
5. Create Blog Post Jar ✓
6. Review the Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White✓

The only thing I didn't manage to finish was redesigning the Blog Banner. I am not too bummed out about that as I don't have any problems with my current blog banner! I would like to change it in the near future to mix things up a little.

I consider this Mini Blogiesta a SUCCESS!

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  1. Congratulations on completing most of your goals for Bloggiesta! I've heard of a TBR Jar, but what's a Blog Post Jar? Sounds intriguing!

    1. A blog post jar is where you write down a bunch of blog post ideas and pick random ones out now and then when you're stumped about what to post! Thanks!


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