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June 29, 2015

Title: Reboot
Author: Amy Tintera
Series: Reboot #1
Genre: YA Dystopian
Publication Date: May 7th 2013
Format Read: Hardcover
Publisher: HarperTeen
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Five years ago, Wren Connolly was shot three times in the chest. After 178 minutes she came back as a Reboot: stronger, faster, able to heal, and less emotional. The longer Reboots are dead, the less human they are when they return. Wren 178 is the deadliest Reboot in the Republic of Texas. Now seventeen years old, she serves as a soldier for HARC (Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation).
Wren’s favorite part of the job is training new Reboots, but her latest newbie is the worst she’s ever seen. As a 22, Callum Reyes is practically human. His reflexes are too slow, he’s always asking questions, and his ever-present smile is freaking her out. Yet there’s something about him she can’t ignore. When Callum refuses to follow an order, Wren is given one last chance to get him in line—or she’ll have to eliminate him. Wren has never disobeyed before and knows if she does, she’ll be eliminated, too. But she has also never felt as alive as she does around Callum.
The perfect soldier is done taking orders. 

The plot of this book is what got me intrigued. I mean, people who come back from the dead - aka the living dead! And the longer you stay dead the less human you are. Wow, talk about imagination! I also knew that even with a unique plot, this was going to be like most other YA Dystopian novels, and I was right (unfortunately). I didn't love this book or enjoy it too much, but I didn't hate it.

I didn't really connect with Wren too much. She wasn't bad or great. I felt like she was just there, not really prominent, even though we were reading from her point of view. I saw both human and inhuman characteristics in her. She was an impressive fighter and warrior but she wasn't good with much else... until Callum.

Callum was also just there as part of the story. I mean, of course there's a love interest. It wouldn't be YA if there wasn't. I liked some of the training sessions with Callum and Wren. They were funny and probably one of the only things I liked to read. Otherwise, I just hated Callum as I felt he played a huge part in making the actual plot less prominent.

"But she has never felt as alive as she does around Callum," Says the synopsis. *sighs heavily* Isn't that always the case with YA? Even if the genre is Sci-Fi or Dystopian, the romance aspect always stays. I feel like with certain genres, especially Dystopian, the books need to be focused more  on the genre and character development and less on the romantic-relationship development. It's really annoying when you go into a book, really pumped to read all about that amazing plot and then bam! The plot isn't the most important thing.

The few scenes which were actually focused just on the plot were really interesting and I enjoyed them. I really wanted more where that came from. The whole book, I couldn't just ignore the fact that it was mostly about Callum and Wren's relationship. Weirdly, it actually made me read the book faster. I just wanted it to end.

I would have probably given this book only two stars but I had to give Amy props for the awesome plot! I might just read Rebel (the sequel and conclusion to the duology) to find out if the situation improves. I recommend this book to YA Dystopian lovers and if you enjoyed Under the Never Sky.

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