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June 26, 2015

Title: Shut Out
Author: Kody Keplinger
Standalone Novel
Genre: YA Contemporary
Publication Date: September 5th 2011
Format Read: Ebook
Publisher: Poppy
Rating: ★★★★.75
Most high school sports teams have rivalries with other schools. At Hamilton High, it's a civil war: the football team versus the soccer team. And for her part, Lissa is sick of it. Her quarterback boyfriend, Randy, is always ditching her to go pick a fight with the soccer team or to prank their locker room. And on three separate occasions Randy's car has been egged while he and Lissa were inside, making out. She is done competing with a bunch of sweaty boys for her own boyfriend's attention.
Lissa decides to end the rivalry once and for all: She and the other players' girlfriends go on a hookup strike. The boys won't get any action from them until the football and soccer teams make peace. What they don't count on is a new sort of rivalry: an impossible girls-against-boys showdown that hinges on who will cave to their libidos first. And Lissa never sees her own sexual tension with the leader of the boys, Cash Sterling, coming.

I have read two other books by Kody set in the Hamilton high world and I've loved all of them, including this one. The story just made me go OOOOOOH GO LISSA and I was so happy Lissa stood up for herself and all the girls who were being neglected. #Scandalgoals! I also liked when she emailed everyone and called a meeting about the strike and her best friend stood up for her when everyone thought it was silly.

First of all, I need to applaud Kody on her amazingly easy-to-read writing style. *claps slowly*

Let's move on to the characters. I really liked Lissa as she was brave enough to stand up for her beliefs. She was so confident on the outside even though she was melting on the inside. She had really great ideas and I really liked her.

Chloe was really brave and confident and outgoing too and I appreciated that but she seemed a bit too hormone-crazed and a bit too outspoken. I admire her courage and bravery but she's not one of my favourite characters. She's a really loyal friend though.

Randy was a jerk, I knew it from the moment he was first mentioned. I really hated him, and the things he did throughout this book baffled me! Cash was the opposite of Randy. At times, he was jerk-y too but we got to know the reasons for that but most of the time, he was sweet, polite and, most importantly, HUMAN! He's not my favourite book boyfriend but he was a million steps up from Randy.

The only reason I didn't give this book 5 stars is because I didn't like the characters too much. I still love Kody Keplinger and her writing. She's a wonderful author. I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend you pick up the entire Hamilton High series.

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