The Heir by Kiera Cass - Spoiler Review | I didn't think a character could be this annoying

June 13, 2015

Title: The Heir
Author: Kiera Cass
Series: The Selection #4
Genre: YA Dystopian
Publication Date: May 5th 2015
Format Read: Ebook
Publisher: HarperTeen
Rating: ★★★★.25

Synopsis will not be included as it contains spoilers for the rest of the series. Please do not read this review if you haven't read the three previous books in the series or this book, as it contains spoilers.

Okay, first off, HOW THE HELL DO YOU PRONOUNCE EADLYN? Is it Ed (like eddie)-Linn? Eed-linn? Eed-line? SOMEONE HELP! What is with all the hard names? Ahren? Is that like Aaron with a British accent? Kile? Is that Keel or Kyle? WHY? And why Erik/Eikko? WHY HENRI WITH AN I??? What happened to normal names?

Now, lets begin.

As soon as I read the sentence, "I am Eadlyn Schvjraves (What is that last name? How do you pronounce it? Schreave! How am I supposed to say that?) and nobody in the world is more powerful than me" I instantly thought of Blair Waldorf from gossip girl. Anyone agree? I mean, she thinks she's perfect, she thinks everyone loves her!

Eadlyn is like a brunette version of Regina George, but she doesn't intend to be rude. She such an oblivious, rash character and so damn FRUSTRATING! She pushes everyone away and she thinks she's the queen (well, she will be queen) of everything but she is just a b*tch. 

"OHMYGOD Kile, you annoying little bookworm, get away from me before I get your gross nerd germs"
"OHMYGOD, why are you asking me about my feelings? I didn't come here to talk! Gosh, get away from me you freak!
"OHMYGD! My paintings are personal. You may have poured out your entire life story out to me but you can't ask me anything about me."
"OHMYGOD daddy, you can't just make me do the Selection. I am not some toy to be played with like you guys were."
"OHMYGOD, Neena, you're a laundry girl so why did you marry a doctor when you know he's so above you? Don't walk away, I was just talking. Oh, how dare she walk away from me? I'm Eadlyn Schreavem and I'm the most powerful woman in the world!"
"OHMYGOD, I thought everyone adored me."
*Josie walks in and says hi*"OHMYGOD, you are so annoying, why are you even here?"
"OHMYGOD, I am the host of the selection, so I have to ask you out, not the other way round BADEN! So I am just going to walk away like I'm a classy member of the Royal family."

Seriously! EADLYN, JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE GONNA BE QUEEN DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN TREAT EVERYONE LIKE THEY'RE BENEATH YOU! I bet those guys feel sorry that they even entered the selection! I still can't believe she eliminated 12 guys! Suddenly, she just decided "OHMYGOD I'm so bored! Some of these guys are just so ugly! YOU, YOU, YOU AND YOU! Out! Now! Bye! Good riddance!" That one boy even cried! Just. No.

Then there's sweet, perfect, bookworm Kile. Not as good as Maxon, but still. MARLEE'S SON! IF they get married in the end, Marlee will officially be part of the family! YES! I need this to happen! I still don't understand why Eadlyn has to be all princess-y with him. He's an amazing person! If she doesn't like him, she's dumb. WHY KILE? Why did you let her take advantage of you? 

Eadlyn: Daddy, it's all going to be fine. I am going to fix this. Pinky promise. *goes and asks Kile for a kiss in front of cameras just for show and then does this a million more times.*

If people thought America Singer was frustrating (which I didn't) then I don't know what they'll do when they meet this idiot.

When she started going out with the guys is when I really started enjoying the book. The first date with (Hale, was it?) was going so well! She was finding out so much about him and then, BOOM! He asks if he could see her sketches, and then she remembers she's Eadlyn Schreave and nobody is as powerful as her" and walks away. MORE FRUSTRATION ON THIS SIDE! UGH!

Then there was the date with Baden, which was probably my favourite. I don't really like Baden as it is, but I really liked that they just casually at around and sang songs together, not worrying about anything else. It was so cute to read and it was fun!

When the guys asked her to a cooking date, I squealed! SO CUTE! Even though it ended in a disaster, it was good while it lasted. Maybe Kile and Eadlyn rubbing a chicken together isn't the most ideal date but it was pretty good! When they started criticising the asparagus, I laughed out loud! And then when Eadlyn said "I think we should make sure we can even cut this chicken in half. I don't want to feed you something inedible," and Kile pretended to be offended, SO CUTE! (The SO CUTE! is going to appear a lot)

The secret, impromptu date with Henri (WHY HENRI WITH AN I?) was SO CUTE! (See, I told you!)  It was so adorable when Henri beamed as if Eadlyn made the entire feast herself! And even though they couldn't communicate properly, I knew they were having fun. But I know that Henri isn't going to be the one. You can't be the ruler of an English speaking country if you can't speak English. 

Am I the only one who wants Eadlyn to end up with Erik? Erik is perfect! He reminds me so much of Maxon! I'm team Kile or team Erik for now. I know Erik isn't one of the selected but.. is it possible?

When all of them together had that little sports match ( I forgot what game they played) I was so rooting for Eadlyn to hit that ball! (Was it cricket or croquet?) It was so cool that for once, all of them were together, being happy at the same time! There were no cameras to record the event either! For once, I was actual cheering "EADY! EADY!" along with the other people!

I. Loved. Maxerica. As. Parents. Maxon was just so supportive and understanding and so freaking AMAZING! He was just as kind and cute and charming as ever! I am so jealous of America! And America has literally turned into Queen Amberly. That little frustrating 16 year old turned into a beautiful, mature QUEEN! I definitely see that most of the old America has gone into Eadlyn. I also loved Ahren, until he eloped. And now comes the sad part. 

"Your mother has had a heart attack." I NEARLY HAD A HEART ATTCK! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! AMERICA CANNOT DIE! NO! Imagine how Maxon felt! America can't have had a heart attack, right after her stupid son who was supposed to be smart eloped and became "The Prince Consort of FRANCE!" AHREN! YOU JERK! I wish he died because HE got a heart attack when he found out his mother had a heart attack because of what he did! In the letter: "I hope you can forgive me Eady..." I, for one, WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER FORGIVE YOU AHREN! You made one of my favourite characters get a heart attack! IF. America. Dies. I. Don't. Know. What. I'll Do. 


Anyways, I really liked this book! I don't know why, but I tend to like books with annoying characters because they give me something to rant about. My favourite in the series is probably the One, but I enjoyed this too. I regret reading it though, because now, I have to wait till FREAKING 2016 to get the next book. Thanks a lot Kiera.

- Rekha

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