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June 24, 2015

Hey Guys! Today I'll be sharing with you the Top 5 books Characters I Want To Drown
Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey @ gingerreadslainey
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5. Character Name: Sorscha
Series: Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Hate Level: 500%
Okay, to make things easier for you, I will link my SPOILER review of Heir of Fire HERE so  you can see my amazingly angry rant about Sorscha. Anyways, she kind of got in the way of my favourite ship in this series and I wanted to bash her head into a wall every time she was mentioned. 

4. Character Name: Warner
Series: Shatter Me
Author: Tahereh Mafi
Hate Level: 600%
I know this is an extremely unpopular opinion. EVERY SINGLE PERSON LOVES WARNER! To me, he seems like a perv who won't leave Juliet, who is already annoying alone. NO. JUST NO.
3. Character Name: Bella Swan
Series: Twilight
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Hate Level: 1000%
This idiot got on my nerves so much during this series. YOU DO NOT MARRY SOMEONE AND THEN REALISE THAT YOU "LOVE" SOMEONE ELSE TOO! IT'S NOT HAPPY REALISATION DAY! Also, you don't pine over some sparkly bloodsucker. We get it, you miss him. You don't just sit in your room for months on end pining for your boyfriend. NO!

2. Character Name: Jacob Black
Series: Twilight
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Hate Level: 1600%
I may hate Bella and Edward too but still, this guy is a freaking idiot. You know she doesn't loe you, you know you're pissing a super-strong sparkly dude off but you still continue doing it. This series has the worst characters in history. IN ALL TIME HISTORY!

1. Character Name: Sebastian
Series: The Mortal Instruments
Author: Cassandra Clare
Hate Level: 99999999999999999999999999999999999+%
My Letter to SEBASTIAN:
Dear Sebastian,
As soon as you were mentioned, I wished you were dead. Even though I didn't know anything about your connection to Clary or anything about you at all, you were flirting with her. Clary Fray belongs to Jace, not you. Therefore, I suggest you stay away from her forever, or excpect a whole entourage of trained, professional fighters following your every move, and if you get within 50 miles of Clary from any direction, expect a snapped neck, broken arms and legs, black eyes and a sword through your worthless, emotionless heart. Oh, and you will never be good enough for anyone to love you so you may as well kill yourself. Kapeesh?
-Lots of Hate

P.S: Don't reply to this message becausr your words make ma and everyone else in this world puke.
P.P.S: If you couldn't tell, I really really really really really really hate you!

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  1. I haven't finished Heir of Fire yet, but I like Sorscha right now. Great post! Totally agree with Sebastian.

    1. Thanks! I am just a hardcore Dorian fan... Thanks and yes, Sebastian, THE WORST!

  2. Great list. I offed Bella and Edward but to be honest, almost the entire cast could have went and I wouldn't have considered it any big loss. Except Alice...I would save Alice.

    1. Yep, Alice is the only character I genuinely liked in the whole series.

  3. Awesome list, Rekha! Loved the letter to Sebastian. So funny.

    1. Yes... *sigh* if only I could punch Sebastian in the face a couple hundred times....


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