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July 19, 2015

Title: The Angel Experiment/ School's Out -Forever
Author: James Patterson
Series: Maximum Ride - Book 1 and 2
Genre: YA Fantasy/ Sci-Fi
Format Read: Ebook
Publisher: Warner Vision Books
Rating: ★★★★★ for both books
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Book 2 Goodreads Link

I loved these first two books. The book was written as if Max was telling us a story, not like we were living the story, which makes things so much more interesting. We get comments from her straight to us. Her narrating is very easy to read and I flew through both these books. The plot is incredibly interesting. Maximum Ride is on the way to becoming one of my favourite series of all time.

Max was an incredibly witty and sarcastic character, which I never dislike. She was a very responsible girl, even at fourteen. I admire that she was willing to be responsible for a bunch of kids barely younger than her. She was a very good leader - decisive, precise, responsible and willing to make sacrifices. She is one of my new favourite characters.

Fang was so supportive of Max and all her choices. Even though he was the same age as Max, he wasn't jealous that she got all the power. He was also very protective of his family and he cared very much for them. He had the characteristics of a great leader too, and he was a computer genius. I admire his creativity, thoughtfulness and his patience.

Iggy, a blind 14 year old, was able to cook fancy dishes! I respect him so much. He is the same age as Fang and Max, but even being blind, he was able to develop his other senses so well without any parental or adult assistance. He is an incredible teenager!

At first I thought Nudge was a boy, but she was really a girl. Nudge is probably the one who gravitates most towards normal human things. She was very independent and understanding even though she was very young.

Gasman was the weirdest name of them all, and also had the most unique personality of them all. He loved explosions, loud noises, weird smells and lots more "unique" things. He was the character who made me laugh the most, as he also has a weird sense of humour.

Angel, oh tiny, cute, six-year-old Angel. She was so grown up at only  years old, it was shocking! She  knew so much about the outside world without ever having been to school at all! She was very clever, and she knew how to get the things she wanted/needed. The way she looked up to Max as if she were her own mother was so adorable! She was the most naïve of the lot, but also the most dangerous of the lot.

The plot progresses very, very well throughout the first two books. Each book clearly explains the things that went down in the previous books (I started book three) so even if you only own one of the books, you can go ahead and start with that one. The first book involved a lot of world building, and it was a bit slower than the second one, but I still had no trouble with it. I read it in one sitting. These books have a very unique plot, and even though it might seem similar to some other Sci-fi books, it is very different.

I definitely recommend you check these books out, and if you already have, let me know what you thought. I look forward to continuing on with the series in the near future. 

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