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July 04, 2015

I really enjoyed this book. It has an incredibly important moral behind it: People are capable of loving for completely selfless reason. I loved Amy and Matthew's meeting and all their little encounters around the year. It was really fun to read about. I really felt bad for Amy and all the difficulties she had to face. I found it intriguing how Amy could have a perfectly normal conversation even though she can't talk probably.

I definitely recommend you read this book. It's not your typical fluffy contemporary. The main characters have issues, and I guarantee you'll get some insight when you watch them deal with them. ★★★★★ from me.

This book was so much fun to read. There's this girl, Emily, who was adopted and knows absolutely nothing about her biological father's family. Suddenly, she's thrown into the family she's been kept in the dark about, and she has to deal with cousins and grandmas and secrets and Oz (who is an incredibly handsome young man.) I loved how the whole story unraveled one by one. It is a very interesting read.

I recommend you read this book if you enjoy contemporary reads It keeps you turning the page as you wait for the author to reveal the big secret. Once you do find out, I guarantee your mouth will hang open. A ★★★★★ for sure.                                                                                       

Hailey moves to New York with the intention of creating a whole new her using her cool sister's guide on "How to be a Hater" but then realises that being a hater is something she despises Instead, she uses her power to help people, and pursues her dream of becoming an artist. The writing in this book is so fast paced and easy to read. Also, some of the artwork in this book is really pretty.

This book deals with finding who you want to be and jumping past the obstacles. That is what teenagers all around the world deal with and I think it's executed very well in this book. I strongly recommend you pick this up. ★★★★★
This book is my favourite standalone novel of the year, maybe even all time. Girls at a competitive ballet school all want to get the lead role and will do anything to get what they want. Talk about drama! This book reminded me so much of pretty little liars! All the sabotage and drama and secrets and lies... I absolutely adored it!

If you are a fan of pretty little liars, stop what you are doing and buy this book and read it. The writing is so good and the story itself keeps you on your toes. You just need to know what happens. Even if you aren't a fan of PLL, go read this book because it is fantastic! ★★★★★

Fiona Doyle got into an accident when she was 5 years old and the right side of her face is completely scarred. But what if there was no accident? Meet Fi Doyle, who is the lacrosse champion and scarless. Is Fi's life any better? This book was pretty boring in the beginning, both Fiona and Fi were annoying, But about quarter way through, it got much more interesting. The story picked up, the characters became bearable and I really enjoyed it!

The writing is definitely a plus point. It is extremely easy to fly through. I would have enjoyed it more if not for the bad beginning. Otherwise, it was a pretty good read and you might want to look into it. ★★★★.5 stars.


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  1. Love the mini reviews, Rekha! I'm so excited to start Nowhere But Here soon. I just love Katie McGarry and it's great to see that you gave it 5 stars! The premise of Everything That Makes You is so intriguing but yours is the first review of it I've seen. I might check the library for that one.

    1. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Nowhere But Here and I've only read one Katie McGarry novel... I'm going to have to change that soon... I checked out Everything That Makes You from the library too but I might just buy a physical copy to reread. you should definitely try it out! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading :D


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