The Cliché YA Lines Tag! (Original)

July 18, 2015

Hey Guys! We all know all YA books have certain lines in them which are varied in different novel but still imply the same thing. Some of them are really annoying, and I'm basically creating a tag like thing which allows you to rant about that for a while. But you can also rant about lines that you like, if you want to.

1. "I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding."
This line is probably in every single YA book I have read in my life. I do not understand why it is so important to put the spotlight on letting out a breath, especially if you didn't know you were holding it! Why? Is it like some inside joke between authors? I just really hate that line.

2. "I didn't realise he was that hot until I really looked at him."
I hate that YA always focuses on the looks, on the sexiness, about the outside. Why can't, for once, the first impression NOT be about how hot the guy is? And why is that only the girls say this line? I really hate the fact that the romance is never about the good qualities for the people. They're always like "you're hot" or "you're beautiful" or "you're really pretty!" It is really annoying.

3. "I see the way you look at him."
What way? Why does there have to be a look? How do you know that look is reserved for that one person? And why are you stalking the person's eyes and noticing how crazy they are for someone else? So many questions, but no valid answer.

4. "I am different from everyone else."
I feel like all the non-contemporary YA books are about people who are not the same as everyone else. Who sticks out in the human society secretly. And usually, its someone from the opposite gender who break the news to them. And then they realise that the person from the opposite gender is hot. And then chaos and drama occurs. It's getting old.

5. "I don't belong with you. I will never belong with you."
Yeah, this line is always said, but in the end the opposite always happens. 1 second it's "I don't belong." Another second it's "I belong here, and only here." It's the same story again and again.

Just so you know, even after all that ranting, I still love YA books and I still love reading them.

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  1. Very clever, Rekha! And the ones you used are so true! I got such a laugh when you wondered if the "holding a breath" thing was an inside joke between authors. Ha! Thanks for tagging me... I'll have to give it some thought and will post mine soon. :)

    1. Haha, Thanks. But seriously, I wonder if it is some inside joke... No problem! Take your time posting, you don't even have to if you don't want to!

  2. Thanks for the tag Rekha this is such a cool idea! I agree with you about those lines, it brought to mind so many books which says something in itself ahah :)

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