What Kind of Reader Am I?

July 25, 2015

Am I a Fast Reader or a Slow Reader?
If I am not in a reading slump, I can manage a book every two days. If I am in a really good reading mood, I can manage a book a day, sometimes even two. I consider myself a pretty fast reader. I usually read a page per minute. I know some people are able to read 1000 books every year... I do not understand how they do it!

Am I a Paperback or a Hardcover person?
I love having beautiful hardcovers with glossy dust jackets to display on my shelf. I love removing the dust jacket and looking at the real book's beautiful colour(s) and designs. But I definitely prefer reading paperbacks. They are much easier to read. They are more floppy and flexible with all different reading positions. Hardcovers kind of hurt your arms when you read while lying down in your side (which I do all the time). 

Am I a person who gets in a lot of reading slumps?
I get into slumps about every three months but it's usually not a huge slump. They normally last a week or two. I don't stop reading, I just read really really slow. Like 50 pages a day or less. I wouldn't consider that a lot of reading slumps. I do not reread while I am in a slump because it makes me feel even more guilty about my TBR pile. 

Do I read multiple books at once?
 I usually try to avoid reading more than one book at a time to prevent confusion and being overwhelmed. I can handle two books at a time but any more than that and I start panicking. At the beginning of the year, I was in a huge slump one of the months and I kept starting books and moving on. I did finish them all eventually though.

Do I DNF books a lot?
I don't really DNF books a lot as it makes me feel incomplete. If I do DNF a book, I remove it from my goodreads and don't talk about it a lot. I feel like I should try extremely hard to give every book a chance. Also, I am always dying to find out what happens at the end of the book so I can't DNF it. 
Do I have any bookish pet-peeves?
Dog-Eared Pages
Cracking the spine
Forbidden Romance
Too much romance in a genre that's not Romance or Contemporary
(and a lot more)
I hope you enjoyed reading about my reading habits. What are some of your answers? I would love to know! Please leave them in the comments.

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  1. I used to think I was a fast reader but not anymore. Once I found GoodReads (and book blogs and BookTube) and saw people who were reading 20 books a month or a entire book in one sitting/one day, I realized that it's not that I'm a fast reader... I just reader often. I definitely prefer the way hardcovers look on my bookshelves but they're just too unwieldy to read. Paperbacks are much better for reading. And I never, ever read two books at once... just can't do it. I have to concentrate on one at a time.

    1. It's good to know that you're a moderate reader! I totally agree about preferring reading paperbacks. Unwieldy is a perfect word to describe hardcovers! I always try to avoid reading more than one book at once, I have the same concentration problem. Thanks so much for sharing your answers :D


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