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August 19, 2015

Title: The Black Swan Company
Author: Luna DeMasi
ISBN: 1511521945 
ISBN: 978-1511521949
Number of pages: 380
Word Count: 114,000

Book Description:

Melody Fields is an investigative journalist.

...Or, at least, she used to be.

An epidemic has swept the United States, turning the majority of its population into undead creatures called Sanguines, who sustain themselves on the life force of the living. Those who weren't afflicted were given a choice: Enter a protected Colony or hope to survive.

Guilted by her father to flee while she still could, Melody has been marooned on Nantucket Colony for four years. Unable to turn off her vocational instincts, the tough-as-nails, Boston-by-way-of-Foxboro journalist can't help but notice when her fellow Colonists begin to disappear.

After months of observation, Melody finds a pattern to the disappearances, and it doesn't take long for her act-first-think-later mentality to kick in and follow a group of kidnappees onto a ferry. Once on the mainland, though, her seldom-seen sense of self-preservation causes her to abandon her mission and flee. Desperate for a place to hide, she winds up in the home of a lonely, soft-spoken Sanguine named Bastian, who seemingly breaks all protocol with his disinterest in eating her alive and his offer of safe harbor.

A slow-growing trust developing between them, Bastian tries his best to help Melody find her place in a now-unfamiliar world, but she doesn't understand how different her place really is until she reconnects with her inner-circle. Melody and her friends discover that they've been unraveling the same unsavory story from opposite ends, and when they tie their information together, they realize they might be uncovering a scandal that could change everything if it's brought to light. But if they fail, it could mean the end for countless lives...even their own.

Book Trailer:

Top 10: Reasons Why New England is the Perfect Setting for a Paranormal Boo
Boston. Providence. Burlington. What do all of these cities have in common? They’re wicked great! They’re also all in the magical land that is New England.
I’m Luna DeMasi, and as a massive fan of New England, most of my projects are set in that beautiful part of the country. After writing The Black Swan Company, which is set in Providence, Rhode Island, I can tell you with all honesty that my choice of setting made plot points, scene changes, atmosphere, and character attitudes much easier and enjoyable.
You may ask yourself: Why New England?
Here’s why:
Seasonal Changes
Do you need a winter wonderland? How about Dog Days of summer? New England is your guy! From nor’easters to falling leaves, New England does the seasons and weather right.
Traveling Sequences
Do your characters need to travel from their ‘home scenery’ to a completely different town to break a curse or solve a mystery? New England. These teeny-tiny states are located in convenient proximity of one another, but all have a different feel to them. Try doing THAT in central Texas!
The Spirit of America
Is there any other place in the country that captures the essence of America better than New England? They came to New England first, people!
Rich Character/Poor Character
You’ve got a poor character, and you’ve got a rich character...New England has all kinds of places that can house an array of socioeconomic people. A poor kid from Bridgeport meeting a rich professor in Hartford frolicking through the foliage? It could happen in the magic that is New England!
Uniquely Different Cities
Providence, Fall River, Cape Cod, Boston, can get to them all within an hour or two, but they are all VERY different places with VERY different atmospheres, and they’d all make a great setting for strange and creepy things to happen!
College, Bro
Is your book about college kids? New England has more college than you can shake a stick at -- mostly famous ones. Seriously, get drunk and spin around almost anywhere in New England, and you’ll fall into a dormitory.
Varying Landscapes
Mountains. Foothills. Flatlands. Swamps. Beaches. Name it, and this place has probably got it (except deserts).
The History
From the Mayflower to the Boston Tea Party, New England has a rich history! It’d be such an easy setting if a plot has time travel or historical elements; it IS the oldest place in America, after all!
Beautiful Scenery
Nowhere else in the entire country does scenery like New England. How can any other place compete -- especially in the fall -- with the natural beauty, old buildings, and cobblestone?
The People
New Englanders are the BEST! Warm, straight-forward, and stubborn as hell, New Englanders are BORN characters. Make them angry, and you’d better run! But make them a happy camper, and they’ll give you the shirt off of their back; what better role model could you have for a funny, fierce, and strong-willed character, right?
Need a taste of New England?
Well, grab a bowl of clam chowder and treat yourself a copy of The Black Swan Company; it’s cheaper than a trip, right?

About the Author: 

Luna DeMasi was born in New York, but currently resides in southeast Michigan. She holds a B. S. in psychology, a master’s of library and information science, and is a staunch advocate for human rights, animal rights, and gender equality.
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