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August 28, 2015

The Lemorian Crest (Cobbogoth #2)
Release Date: July 2015

Summary from Goodreads:
After being raised from infancy in Boston, Mass., Noria (a.k.a Norah Lukens) has no idea what to expect upon entering New Cobbogoth, where she never would have guessed that paths of light can make you vanish; doors can lead to realms both near and far; myths and legends are actual history; a mere kiss can seal two souls as one; and, of course, a stone is never “just a stone.” Her Uncle Jack’s stories never could have prepared her for the magical and dangerous place her native realm is turning out to be.

When the Gihara’s promises begin to crumble, her best friend and soul-mate Jamus (a.k.a. James Riley) is in more danger than ever. Then when his father Lylend abandons her to search for an ancient relic called The Lemorian Crest and she is taken captive by the very people she’s risked everything to save, Noria begins to lose faith in the Cobbogothian gods and the mission they sent her home to accomplish.

Only when a series of new friendships and loyalties are forged in the most peculiar of places, does Noria dare hope again. Hope for Jamus’ safety, for their future together, and for the survival of the entire Cobbogothian race.

Book 1: Uncovering Cobbogoth was published in 2014 by Cedar Fort Publishing.

The first two books in the Cobbogoth series were literally a really long, exciting roller coaster ride. I could barely handle every shocking thing that was going on. For a while, it was all chill and slow and then suddenly, one thing happened. Then the next. Then the next. Then the next, and it never stopped until the end.

The plot of this series is like a cross between Percy Jackson and Fablehaven. Yeah, it's that awesome! The incredibly developed world in this series was very, very interesting to read about. The mythological world created by Hannah is so intriguing that I wish that it was actually a mythology we studied in the real world. The whole Legend of the Cobbogothians, the New and Old Cobbogoth, all the new terms and phrases introduced in this series, they were woven together to create a perfect story.

Norah Lukens was a very strong character. She had lost so much, yet she never gave up. She had so many questions bubbling up inside of her, but she kept quiet for the sake of her uncle and his job. She had one weakness, a boy, and that was kind of annoying at first but eventually it was explained.

Uncle Jack wad dead before the first page, but I felt like we still got to know him very well. He was determined, passionate and married to his career. He did so many things to protect the one person he loved, and he had to lie a lot to do that. Although he was married to his career, a huge part of his career included protecting Norah.

James, gosh, I hated him at first. I hated him with a burning passion. I was all for labelling him a jerk, a hypocrite and basically anything morally wrong in the world. He was so suspicious, and I just could not bring myself to trust him. But as the story went on, I was able to understand why he did everything he did. He grew on me, and then he almost broke my heart, and then he kept growing on me until I loved him as much as Norah did.

There were so many other interesting characters in this book. There are so many more people I could mention, and so many more things I can talk about but that will most likely spoil the story for you at some point. So I will contain myself for now.

Writing Style:
It was brilliant. The description was vivid, the pace was steady and the character and world development was incredible! I could not believe how good this was. Both books were definitely 5/5 stars for me, and I don't the next book in the series is going to disappoint me at all. 

As I said, 5/5 stars. I couldn't find anything wrong with this series. Nothing at all! PLEASE go read this book because not enough people have. I am really tempted to do a separate, full spoiler discussion review of this book. Give the first book a chance, even if you don't like YA Fantasy. I am certain you won't regret it.

About the Author
Hannah L. Clark lives with her husband and two children in the Rocky Mountains. She has always known she would be a storyteller. In 2006 she graduated from Utah Valley University with a bachelor's degree in English and immediately began writing her first novel.
Uncovering Cobbogoth was Clark's first book in the seven book Cobbogoth series based on her mythological brain-child, The Legend of the Cobbogothians. It was released in May 2014 through Cedar Fort Publishing. Book 2 in the series, The Lemorian Crest will be released in Summer 2015.
Clark loves running, mythology, singing while playing the guitar, herbal tea, escaping into imaginary worlds, and being with her peeps. Like her heroine Norah, she also kind of believes that trees might have souls, but must clarify that she has never actually hugged a tree. The closest she has ever come to that kind of bizarre behavior was the time she hugged the pillars outside Harry Potter Land. Which, all things considered, is not bizarre at all if you take into account how exquisitely happy she was to finally be there. ;-)

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