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August 02, 2015

Title: Connected
Author: Kat Stiles
Standalone Novel (according to Goodreads)
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: June 3rd 2015
Format Read: E-Arc Provided by Xpresso Reads
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Rating: ★★★.5
**Xpresso Reads provided me with a free book in exchange for an honest review**
High school is hard enough, Em knows. Her freshman year introduced her to all the cliques, annoying teachers, and tough homework assignments. But discovering you have super powers and not knowing how to control them is a whole new level of complicated.Thankfully, Em isn't alone. Her best friend Roz starts having unusual dreams that come true, and Tommy, Em's secret crush, can hear the softest whispers in class.A romance blossoms with Tommy. But just as things are looking up, people start dropping like flies. A telepathic serial killer is on the loose and only Em and her friends have a hope of stopping him.
Or do they? If they don't figure out the killer's identity soon, one of them could be next.​ 

I admit, the first thing that attracted me to this book was the cover. That is an extremely gorgeous cover! The people on the cover are illustrated really well. The title font is simple, yet effective. the maroon-ish background really suits the paranormal theme and everything ties in together very well. The cover really portrays the plot of the book very well.

This book has a very interesting plot. Three teenagers are somehow connected together. and suddenly discover that they have the incredible abilities.They have to learn how to control them, and how to use them properly. The paranormal aspects in this book were extremely intriguing. I was not a fan of the romance, but the story itself was very enjoyable.

Our main character, Emily, is not bad for the most part. She is very kind, polite and friendly. I did find her annoying at times though. She was not very outgoing and not too interesting. She is supposed to be the main character, but I saw no strong personality in her. She gave in to Tommy, the love interest, way too easily. She was very indecisive. I did not like the way she treated her best friend, and I did not like her romantic relationship with Tommy. She was willing to throw away a friendship that was more than a decade old for some stupid guy she's known for a week. 

Roz, Emily's best friend, was by far my favourite character in this book. She was funny, brave and actually had character. She was loyal to Emily despite being ignored by her repeatedly for some guy she just met. She was a bit stubborn. I liked that she had a mind of her own, and didn't just give in to charm and looks. I really liked her.

Tommy, I hated. He was just a boob-crazed maniac in my mind. He flaunted his looks way too often, and he always found a way to victimise himself. He was always the innocent one, the good one. I hated how weak he made Emily, I hated how he always commented on Emily's "hotness" but said nothing about her personality (or lack thereof) and the only thing he seemed to notice were Emily's "huge boobs." He fits perfectly into the cute-jock-who-only-cares-about-booty-and-boobs-and-acts-like-girl-is-some-beautiful-goddess-just-because-she-looks-good stereotype. One sentence he said really bothered me:
"I can't believe the most beautiful girl in school is mine."
He just thought of Emily as "the most beautiful girl." No healthy couple should have the fact that one of them is "most-anything" as the most relevant thing.

I hated the way Tommy and Emily used Roz. They went to Roz whenever they needed help, and when they got what they wanted, they immediately bailed on her to do something together as a couple and go back to their disgusting kissing. This was an annoyingly repetitive cycle. I usually like cynical male leads but Tommy, not at all. I kind of wish he dies a brutal death in the next book, if there is a next book.

Writing Style:
It felt like it took m forever to finish reading this book, but it barely took me a day. It felt really, really slow for some weird reason. Probably because I kept stopping to yell at Tommy. The writing style was not boring, but not the most wonderful I've seen either. There's always room for improvement, right?

I gave this book 3.5 stars. The characters and the romance were the main things that I disliked about this book. The romance was responsible for most of the damage.

I would recommend this book to paranormal fantasy lovers. This romance in this book is (kind of) insta-love, so if you don't enjoy that, I don't recommend you pick this up. Overall, I felt the story was focused WAY too much on the Romance. I think more plot focus was needed.

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