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August 18, 2015

Title: Hawthorn
Author: Jamie Cassidy
Standalone Novel
Genre: YA Paranormal
Publication Date: May 28th 2015
Format Read: E-ARC Provided by Netgalley
Publisher: Amos Cassidy
Rating: ★★★★.5
**Netgalley provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**
A house on a hill.A house filled with mirrors.
A house with eyes that watch their every move.“I hate it on sight. It’s dull and large and clunky, a creepy old house with a creepy house smell.”Learmonth village has a history, a past that they hold dear, superstitions that they cling fast to. Learmonth House, however, is governed by its own set of rules, its own past and Gemma and her family are about to discover just what those rules are. 
Learmonth has a pact with the darkness and the darkness is hungry.

What Interested Me:
I was looking for something creepy, something with a weird kick and this was a pretty accurate fit for that description.

The plot was brilliant! There were so many different paranormal aspects to this book and they weren't confusing at all. The story was constantly interesting and I loved it. There was not one point in this story when the word "boring" came into mind. The best part, I read this on a night train so it was all the more creepy.

Gemma was so funny! Her first description of the Learmonth House was hilarious, and that's when I knew I was going to like her and this book. I didn't like her "fling" with Liam in the beginning but other than that, she was such a great older sister! I mean, she sacrificed so much for those kids, even though she acted like it was annoying, she actually liked it.

Heather and Danny were such cute little twins. It was adorable how protective Heather was of Danny, and how both kids clung to Gemma. Heather was a little bit of a brat sometimes, and Danny was a bit of a cry baby but you can't expect much more form primary school kids, right?

I loved the relationship between Mary and Jules. This is the first time I've seen LGBTQ in a paranormal read in a long time! They were so different and yet, they were perfect for each other. I felt Mary was a bit bossy, but she had good reason. Jules was such a cool mom too! I also liked that none of the kids minded having two moms.

Jen was such a great friend to Gemma. They were just fun friends and the never really got into deep discussions. I felt like they were missing out on that kind of a friendship. It was cute how they became friends so quickly. Jen was always there on the lookout for Gemma's safety, and vice versa.

Writing Style:
It was very easy to read, I didn't doze off at all. Jamie Cassidy knows her paranormal well, and she isn't afraid to add the creepy details. I liked how she wrote each chapter from the Point of View of a different family member. My favourites were Gemma's and Jules's. Gemma and Jules felt much more like biological mother and daughter than the real duo, Gemma and Mary. Weird.

This book was great, and the twists and turns in this book... phew! I cannot wait to find out what happens in the next book, because the ending was just too painful! I didn't give this the full 5 stars because I felt like the big twist came way too near the end, and there was not much time for the readers to process it. It just ended. Of course, we have about 2 or 3 more books to go until it's actually over, but still. Otherwise, it was a pleasure to read. I recommend to all fantasy horror/paranormal lovers.

Have you read this book? If so, tell me what you thought!

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