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August 16, 2015

Title: Lucid
Author: Jay Bonansinga
Standalone Novel
Genre: YA Parnormal/Horror
Publication Date: April 28th 2015
Format Read: E-ARC Provided by author via Xpresso Tours
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Lori Blaine is not your average seventeen-year-old high school student. Cool and iconoclastic in her dread-locks and natty thrift shop garb, with an IQ that’s off the charts, she is the ersatz leader of a pack of Goth kids that circle around her in the halls of Valesburg Central like a school of pilot fish. Lori speaks softly, but when she does speak, people have a tendency to listen.But Lori Blaine has one problem: The door.Lori’s dreams are haunted by this strange, recurring symbol. The door is always there on the periphery… beckoning to her, daring her to see what might be waiting for her on the other side. Finally, at the urging of an overzealous school psychologist, Lori Blaine decides to face her fears. The next night, she goes through the dream door… and immediately plunges into a shattered looking glass world in which nothing is as it seems and evil awaits around every corner.But when Lori fights back, all hell breaks loose.
What interested me:
I was on a paranormal kick when I requested this, and that cover screams paranormal. The plot is interesting as well.

Wow, what an intense plot. A girl who knows when she's dreaming, and has dreams with doors that lead to creepy paranormal worlds. I would definitely not want to switch places with her, but it was interesting to read about her... unique life. The plot felt a bit underdeveloped and it was a little confusing.

Lori was an okay character. She was definitely VERY special. She led an interesting life when she was dreaming. Sometimes, I felt like she wasn't real. I don't know... it was just the way she spoke I guess. I did like seeing from her point of view though.

Hugo was just... weird. He kept saying things like "giiiiirl" and "like totally." I don't really think anyone talks like that, except in movies and TV. I was a bit annoyed, as I felt Jay was using the stereotypical teenage dialogue. Hugo didn't really seem to have much character

Writing Style:
It was very, very weird. The dialogue, as I mentioned before, was very, very stereotypical and sometimes, it felt like two different people were alternating writing chapters. There was something off about the writing style, even though it was very easy to read.

It was an average book, it wasn't anything special to me. I think, if it was executed well, the plot about the Lucid dreamers would make a VERY good series - book or TV.  If you're up for a weird book, definitely give this book a shot.


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