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August 26, 2015

Title: The New Wild
Author: Holly Brasher
Standalone Novel
Genre: YA Dystopian/ Post-Apocalyptic
Publication Date: August 26th 2015
Format Read: E-ARC Provided by Netgalley
Publisher: Full Fathom Five Digital
Rating: ★★★★☆
**Netgalley provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**
Mother Nature is pissed.Few will survive.Jackie is loving her last year of summer camp, despite new-guy Xander, jerk extraordinaire. That is, until disaster strikes on the senior backpacking trip. At first, it seems like a nightmare, but Jackie quickly realizes that the huge fire and resulting carnage around her are as real as real gets.
Miraculously (and infuriatingly, in Jackie’s opinion), Xander survives the burning, too, but that’s the least of her worries. Mother Nature has wiped out millions and burned cities to the ground, plants are growing at a crazy-rapid rate, and fairytale creatures are very real—and very dangerous.
Jackie and Xander must learn to survive sans food, shelter, and soap, and battle their way across the wild American landscape in search of their families—all without killing each other. Along the way, the duo learns that maybe the other isn’t so terrible after all, but going months with no toothpaste isn’t exactly a recipe for romance. Will the journey be too much for their growing relationship? Will it even be worth it at all? Or will their homes and families be burned to a crisp?

What Interested Me:
"Mother Nature is pissed.
Few will survive."
Is it just me or are those two lines enough to make you laugh hysterically? No? Okay...
Those first to lines were seriously hilarious and made me want to read the book.

The plot was seriously the best thing about this book. Mother Nature has burnt down anyone or anything that is not eco-friendly. So basically, we are back to the primitive ages, except for the few humans she actually decided to keep alive. And, co-incidentally, a girl and a boy at the camp survives. Surprise surprise, cue the romance and chaos and blues.

If you are not drawn to the book because of that plot, you must be superhuman. (Or not a Dystopia lover.)

Jackie was so unused to the outdoors that I laughed out loud when she faced the new wild for the first time. She was so scared and was tearing up when she had to pluck the feathers off a chicken. HILARIOUS! *insert laugh-crying emoji.* She was just an interesting character, and her POV was amusing.

Xander, oh god. I hated him at first. Jerk Extrodinaire he was, indeed. But then he realised that he better man up, because he might be one of the last humans on the Earth. He actually began developing a brain, and a soul. He was also very funny at times. He kept calling Jackie "woman!" and the constant banter between the two kept me entertained.

The relationship between Jackie and Xander didn't really bother me, because they were quarrelling like frenemies for most of the book.

Writing Style:
Fast paced, easy to read, interesting, the usual.

Overall Thoughts:
The only issue I had with this book was that it was too short. The story was focused very much on Xander and Jackie surviving in the new wild, which didn't give enough room for the actual post apocalyptic world to be developed. Of course, there were some very... interesting creatures that appeared. Overall, it was a very interesting read. Definitely recommend.

P.S, there might be a unicorn in this book.


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