Discussion: The Shadowhunter Chronicles: New Covers + LADY MIDNIGHT!

October 12, 2015

Yes, yes, YES! I knew about these a very very very very very long time ago. I just haven't got around to doing a discussion.... until now! Welcome to the post where I analyse (aka rave about) the new Shadowhunter chronicles book covers, and the Lady Midnight cover!

The Mortal Instruments:

YASSSSS! Izzy is on one of the covers now! 
City of Bones: I love the colours, I wish we could see Jace's beautiful face. I love the Angelic rune!
City of Ashes: Clary looks BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely gorgeous! The blue really fits her hair.
City of Glass: This is so cool! I'm pretty sure that's Alec, I'm not sure. I am so confused. Maybe it Sebastian? I don't know, someone help me!
City of Fallen Angels: This is my FAV-OU-RITE! That background colour is fantastic, and Izzy. Isabelle. Lightwood. My spirit animal!
City of Lost Souls: I think this is Magnus, because of the hair, or Simon, or Alec. Again, HELP!
City of Heavenly Fire: We can see Jace's face, and it's not Jace-y enough!

Clockwork Angel: Oh. My. Beautiful. Will. I AM DEAD!
Clockwork Prince: Jem's cover is probably my favourite. It really brings out his personality.
Clockwork Princess: Tessa is beautiful! Even more so than the old cover.


Okay! WOW! That blue is gorgeous! It's so freaking cool! I didn't "love" the old covers of the Shadowhunter Chronicles but these new ones are very, very colourful and pretty. All the colours are smoky and gorgeous. 

Is that Emma Carstairs? OMG IT IS! Yes! I was very interested when she was mentioned in the previous books, I can't wait to read a whole book about her. Her dress is so pretty, and her sword is there! Cortana, I can't wait to read about you. I wonder why she's falling. I wonder what's happening. I wonder if it symbolises something. I need to do a theories post.

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