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December 21, 2015

Okay, I know I am a bit.... okay a LOT late but I just finished watching this movie for the 100th time and I think I need to share my thoughts!


I actually love the cast of the movie. Everyone was cast almost to perfection!

My two second-favourite characters (the first being ADRIAN), Rose and Christian, were the best cast in my opinions. Zoey Deutch is A-MA-ZING as Rose. I honestly don't think anyone could have done a better job. And Christian, well. Dominic Sherwood is perfect, Christian Ozera is perfect. Therefore, it was a perfect match! 

Lisa looked kind of freaky in the movie, and I did not imagine her like that when I was reading the books so... meh. Dimitri was.. definitely not what I pictured. I pictured Ian Somerhalder as Dimitri, and at first I hated Danila Kozlovsky as him, but then I re-watched the movie and fell in love with him. I feel like he plays the role pretty well.

Overall, I don't have any complaints about the casting, though I pictured Jane Lynch as Queen Tatiana. Anyone else?

Vampire Portrayals:
The Moroi and Strigoi makeup was done extremely well! I mean, usually when I see movies with supernatural creatures, the makeup isn't very good. Props to the makeup team for making everything look so good! The fangs and the blood drinking and the blood-flowing... it was just all extremely good!

I was so happy that they didn't stray away from the book too much. They basically followed the storyline, maybe with a few, tiny changes. The way I pictured the story in my head was completely different, but the directors and producers definitely did the story justice. 

Probably my favourite parts were when Rose made a sarcastic comment as a comeback and then the other person didn't know what to say, or just ignored her and she continued to make her comments. I love Rose. Is it obvious? I also loved Rose's attempts to take down Dimitri. I also loved every single scene that Christian was in. He should've been in all of them. <3

Every other review I have read told me it was "bloody boring" or "completely pointless." I hate (okay maybe not hate but don't like) those people who wrote those reviews. Because of these non-fans, we VA lovers didn't get to see ADRIAN IVASHKOV, my favourite character, on the big screen. We didn't get to see Adrian call Rose "Little Dhampir." That makes me sad, and mad. I don't see what was wrong about the movie. Everyone says it was not as good as Mean Girls, which was one of the director's previous movies. This is not anything like Mean Girls! 

There was a kickstart thing where we had to raise a certain amount of money. I donated, and I was in tears when I got that money back. We only raised 17%. I BLAME THE NON-FANS!

Overall, I give this movie a 4.5 stars. It was so good! I WANT FROSTBITE! I NEED FROSTBITE! SOMEONE MAKE IT HAPPEN! PLEASE! Also, please don't kill me for my Rant. 

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