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December 31, 2015

Title: The Truth About Forever
Author: Sarah Dessen
Standalone Novel
Genre: YA Contemporary
Publication Date: May 11th 2004
Format Read: Paperback
Publisher: Speak
Rating: ★★★★★
Sixteen-year-old Macy Queen is looking forward to a long, boring summer. Her boyfriend is going away. She's stuck with a dull-as-dishwater job at the library. And she'll spend all of her free time studying for the SATs or grieving silently with her mother over her father's recent unexpected death. But everything changes when Macy is corralled into helping out at one of her mother's open house events, and she meets the chaotic Wish Catering crew. Before long, Macy joins the Wish team. She loves everything about, the work and the people. But the best thing about Wish is Wes—artistic, insightful, and understanding Wes—who gets Macy to look at life in a whole new way, and really start living it.

This was my fifth Sarah Dessen book and I've got to say, although all her books follow similar plots, I really enjoy her writing and her ideas and none of her books are ever the same. This one is probably my second favourite, after Just Listen... Or maybe it's my favourite!

Macy was a pretty good character. She wasn't perfect, but she was very genuine. Her mom is rich, but she doesn't flaunt it around and throw it in everyone's faces. She's genuinely nice to everyone (or at least she tries) and she has a kind heart. However, I found her relationship with her "oh-so-perfect-not" boyfriend extremely frustrating. I mean, Jason (the aforementioned boyfriend) isn't just a nerd, he is an insult to all nerds. He treats Macy like property, he thinks that the fact that two girls at the library are treating his girlfriend horribly is not important, but the fact that she is "Not serious enough" about her boring library job where she is allowed to do nothing is. Jason is like the most obnoxious jerk you could ever imagine, but smart.

Moving on to her mother. Oh goodness her mother was a wreck. She could not grieve over her husband's recent deaths She treated her daughter like a robot, didn't allow her to have friends or interact with other human beings and she simply wasn't there for her and expected her to be absolutely perfect. I mean, I felt sorry for her loss, and I pitied her for the fact that she didn't wallow over the death but a year and a half seems like a bit of a stretch.

Everyone at Wish Catering was amazing. They were all so fun and bubbly and kind and amusing. My favourite character was probably Delia. She was just in a state of chaos at all times, but somehow it always managed to work out for her. She was worried when things went well, which was hilarious and her ever-so-distracted mind kept the conversations very interesting.

Kristy and Monica was good too. Kristy was one of those extroverts who always pushes her friends to go for it, to live in the moment. I loved her little expressions like "sa-wooon" and she referred to one of the relationships in the book (Macy and Wes) as similar to one in a book she was reading, which was just BFF goals for me. Monica didn't say much, but that's what made her character so funny. She kept saying things like "Donneven" (don't even) which I didn't understand at first but got the hang of eventually.

Bert was just adorable. He had that whole little boy charm about him that made it impossible not to love him. His little tricks and his bellowing just.. awww. And then we have his brother, Wes, who is the love interest. I'm going to have to go with Kristy and say he was definitely "sa-wooon" worthy. He was one of those artistic, musical intense types that everyone loves, kinda like Beck from Victorious, amirite? Nickelodeon anyone? Wes was almost perfect, I really like his name!

Overall, put all those amazing characters and an interesting plot together and you get an amaztresting book. I know that's not a word. I truly enjoyed the book, and I flew through it in under 24 hours. The writing style never ceases to amaze me.


Now, the best thing about this book was the game of truth, which was very interesting. I loved how easy it was for Wes and Macy to talk without any awkwardness, and I loved that they were actually honest with each other. Their competitiveness made the whole process really interesting, as they were always bickering about the rules and whose turn it was.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the game of "gotcha." It was so hilarious when Bert and Wes kept shrieking at each other and Wes kept counting his wins and Bert got angry. I loved when Wes came out and scared Macy :)

The scenes with the Bertmobile and Bert's crazy slow driving were great! I loved how Kristy and Bert were constantly arguing (in a friendly way, if course!) and then Monica kept chiming in, Wes kept explaining the goings-on to Macy and Macy was just like "I have weird friends."

I was so frustrated when Macy's mom told her that she couldn't "hang out with those people anymore" after she was helping Delia while she was in FREAKING LABOUR! My goodness, could you be any less insensitive? She is one of those controlling moms, which is really annoying. She wants her to work at the library because of her high school transcript, she wants her to "take Jason's goals seriously." And then she wonders why her daughter doesn't tell her things, like how she and Jason broke up. *sigh of frustration*.

Despite the mom, I enjoyed the book very much and I will continue reading Sarah Dessen's light contemporaries.

What are your thoughts about the book?

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