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January 14, 2016

Title: Dream a Little Dream
Author: Kerstin Gier
Series: The Silver Trilogy #1
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: April 14th 2015
Format Read: Hardcover
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Rating: ★★★★
Mysterious doors with lizard-head knobs. Talking stone statues. A crazy girl with a hatchet. Yes, Liv's dreams have been pretty weird lately. Especially the one where she's in a graveyard at night, watching four boys conduct dark magic rituals.The strangest part is that Liv recognizes the boys in her dream. They're classmates from her new school in London, the school where she's starting over because her mom has moved them to a new country (again). But what's really scaring Liv is that the dream boys seem to know things about her in real life, things they couldn't possibly know--unless they actually are in her dreams? Luckily, Liv never could resist a good mystery, and all four of those boys are pretty cute....

I found the plot to this very interesting. I have only come across lucid dreaming once or twice before. I have never really liked the concept, but it was executed very well in this book. The plot was pretty predictable, and the "twist" at the end was kind of obvious to me but I still enjoyed how it went down.  The dream world was very confusing at times, as I didn't really understand the whole corridor with the doors thing.

I really liked Liv. She was not annoying at all. She didn't really strike me as the smarted kid of the bunch but she was still pretty clever. She was a bit too curious and way too trusting since she basically went into a dream with four random guys from her school. Whom she didn't know. And she didn't even bring up the possibility that they might be murderers.

Her little sister, Mia, was adorable. I loved how she tried to play detective, she was pretty good at it too. She asked the right questions and did the right things. She was one of those sneaky, devious little sisters and I can totally relate to that. I like that about her. Her relationship with her sister wasn't one of those usual, constantly-fighting-hate-each-other ones but rather an I've-got-your-back deal, which was refreshing.

Then we have the golden boys, Jasper, Henry, Grayson and Arthur.

So Jasper is really talkative, bubbly, cynical and social. He was liked by many at the school, like his friends, and he was not really given much of a spotlight in this book. Henry, he was okay. I definitely thought his relationship with Liv was a bit instalovey, but he was an okay guy and I didn't mind it too much. That's probably the only thing that kept me from giving the book 5 stars. My favourite of the boys was probably Grayson, as he was just so sweet and polite. He was the protective-older-brother type. I really wanted him and Liv to get together, although it seemed unlikely. We didn't really see a lot of Arthur, which was fine by me. I felt like the focus was more on Henry and Grayson.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable book with a whimsical plot, interesting characters and a writing style that's hard not to appreciate.


So, the whole twist at the end. I saw that coming, but it was still pretty surprising that it was Annabel all along. I mean, she was hardly in the book, apart from a few mentions on the Tittle Tattle Blog thing, or that one dream. It seemed very unlikely, and it could have been a bigger surprise.

Also, the fact that she actually wanted to raise a demon makes her seem very coocoo, I have no idea what Arthur sees in her. 

I have no idea who "secrecy" is. I'm pretty sure it's a girl, but you never know. I think it might be Persephone. She seems like the gossipy kind, don't you think?

What are your thoughts on this book?

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  1. I'm liking the concept and plot behind this one, especially since it involves lucid dreaming, but insta-love usually frustrates me. If the other elements are good I should be able to look past that though! Nice review :)

    1. Yeah, it has a really interesting concept, and the instalove isn't too annoying! I hope you enjoy it. Thanks ;)


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