A Court of Mist and Fury AKA A Court of Sh*t and Stupidity by Sarah J. Maas - Spoiler-Filled Rant

May 28, 2016

Title: A Court of Mist and Fury
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses #2
Genre: Bullcrap
Publication Date: May 3rd 2016
Format Read: Ebook
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Rating:  This Book doesn't even deserve a rating
I'm not going to make you waste your time by reading the synopsis.

5 chapters into this book, this was my reaction:

After I finished this book, this was my reaction:

(This book also inspired a whole other rant, HERE)

What the hell did I just read? Why did I waste two days of precious reading time on this freaking piece of crap? Why would someone make some nonsense like this and call it a book?

You should know, I have only absolutely hated one other book in my life: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. And by absolutely hated I mean ABSOLUTELY hated, and even that didn't make me as angry as ACOMAF did.

I was so excited during the first chapter. I was all "YEAH WE'RE GONNA SEE TAMLIN AND FEYRE GET THROUGH PTSD!" But then they both wake up, act like assholes and I know, I know SJ Maas has done something terrible. I know this is now going to go well. But, like an idiot, instead of putting the damn book down, I had to continue reading. *slaps past self.*

Half of  this book is SJM comparing Rhysand and Tamlin and the other half is pure, useless, unnecessary erotica. I honestly had to skip a lot because I was so uncomfortable during those explicit scenes, especially due to my intense hatred for both characters by that point.

The only person I truly liked in the book was Ianthe. Yes, I went there, I said that. Tamlin is suddenly the biggest jerk in the world. Rhysand is suddenly a can't-do-no-wrong saint and feyre is just a freaking idiot who thinks she's some strong warrior, not a puppet anymore, blah blah blah. Lucien fell for Elaine, "Oh! I found a mate! Yay me" Great, you fell for another idiot from the family. What next, Tamlin elopes with Nesta, Rhysand dies, Feyre ends up marrying Ianthe? You never know, as clearly demonstrated by SJM in this book.

Rhysand paraded Feyre around in front of a bunch of random strangers PRACTICALLY NAKED. He claims to have never touched her during that long, painful process and she believes her. I do not. It is extremely wrong to encourage things like that, abusing someone's body like that. It feels inappropriate, disgusting and it is being accepted and dismissed by Feyre, as she seems to have fallen in love lust with the guy who did so.  How can anyone support this? It is wrong. You don't just forgive and forget when you are basically treated as someone's whore. You fight against it, or you have no respect for yourself. You definitely don't "fall in love" with that same person. No matter what pity excuse they have, it. is. wrong. 

It's not that I loathed Rhys in ACOTAR. I didn't like him, and didn't trust him. I didn't absolutely adore Tamlin either. I was just in the game for Feyre, and for the fantasy elements (which were completely lacking in this craphole.) However, I definitely hate Rhys now, and I definitely hate Feyre. I'm on the fence between dislike and hate for Tamlin. Just... what have you done Maas?

I am starting to not trust the human race anymore, judging by the amount of rave reviews this has been getting. I honestly do not understand. Usually, when I dislike a book, I can see some good qualities in it. A few at least. But I am completely lost with this one.

ACOMAF basically invalidated every single page of ACOTAR. Everything feyre did in the better half of ACOTAR was because of her "love" for Tamlin. Apparently, that love was completely fake. She suffered through months of tragedy, near-death and pain all because of her love for TAMLIN, but that didn't matter at all, right? "Yeah, I risked my life on multiple occasions for Tamlin, but that was SO last month. I didn't have him then, so I wanted him. Now, I'm going to be incredibly cliché and go for the one thing I don't have: Rhys!" *OCTILLIONS OF SUPER MEGA FACEPALMS*

I was rolling my eyes at how cheesy the Rhys-Feyre relationship was. It was no longer a fantasy, more like a new-adult erotica with a couple that has the big-bad-wolf (Tamlin) blowing on their dirty bedsheets and on the side there's a bit of fantasy that is ultimately twisted back into who wants to get under the dirty bedsheets. 
"I was not a pet, not a doll, not an animal.
I was a survivor, and I was strong. 
I would not be weak, or helpless again. I would not, could not be broken. Tamed."
Really Feyre? Really? No. She was just another idiot female protagonist who had no control over herself. It's just the hot guy who did. She didn't do anything except vomit unless she was ordered to do so. I understand that she was going through PTSD and a huge mental-breakdown but I don't like that it was only when was on cloud 9 with Rhys that she managed to get over that. The rest of the book was her drowning in her own sea of low self-esteem, self-pity and stupidity. Yes, because the girl can only get past stress while making out with the hot-guy instead of the guy she supposedly "loved" and also had PTSD, right?

I hate how SJM makes it seem like the only way to get a grip on your self is to lust over the dark, mysterious guy. Except Rhys is not any of that anymore. Just a cliché, "perfect," sappy YA contemporary boyfriend. I felt like if Feyre and Tamlin had learned to deal with the PTSD together, it would have been a phenomenal book. Wouldn't it be sensible to relate with and talk to people who are going through similar things? Apparently not. Instead, the one scene we had with them completely alone before al the drama with Rhys was a typical erotica, where Tamlin was literally growling every two seconds like some abusive raper, and Feyre was some weak kitten, who magically recovered from PTSD while having s*x. 

I refuse to put up with this anymore. I am not reading any of SJM's books from this day forward, as I am not going to risk putting myself through this once again. Someone will die if this is done to me again, and I don't want that. So, farewell Maas. It was nice knowing ya before this. 


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