May 15, 2016

Before Lady Midnight came out, I was randomly scrolling through Goodreads reviews of from people who had received ARCs. I couldn't help but notice the astonishingly large amount of people who were bashing the book without reading it merely because it was another Shadowhunter book by Cassie Clare. This was my reaction:

This is a thing? People are bashing unread books because of their setting and because of the author's writing background? My very high opinion of all my fellow readers weakened when I saw this. I cannot even begin to express why this is wrong, and why I don't understand how you can blatantly bash a book you haven't even opened.

Many were bashing Clare for continuing to set her books in her same, well-developed world. They kept accusing Clare of not having originality as her "original story was twilight fan fiction"(This is a whole separate rant HERE) and of not being able to think outside the box. Now, our dear Uncle Rick seems to be falling victim to this craziness (for The Hidden Oracle) which has somehow managed to repeat itself.

My question is: when do things change? I seem to clearly remember a time when everybody was so excited to get the Heroes of Olympus series, and once that ended they still seemed excited when Riordan announced "Magnus Chase," although they all still wanted to see Percy and the crew. So when did things suddenly change and make the "world of Percy" boring? I remember a time when everyone wanted to see more of Will, Jem, Jace, Clary and the other Shadowhunters but now that we're finally getting what we supposedly wanted, we don't want it anymore?

Don't get me wrong, I understand this is only a minority of the community and I am not trying to say everybody out there has this same mindset. I just don't understand how the story being set in the same world as previous series should bother anybody. Might I remind you how many millions of books are set in plain old EARTH? That never seemed to bother anybody. I've never picked up on anybody yelling at contemporary writers to change their setting because "Earth is too unoriginal." So why are we getting this negative reaction?

The author has a fully developed world they created that they can manipulate to their content to create an interesting story. Why should they start on something new if they feel their aforementioned world has more potential and great stories can come from it? Why should they branch out when they are perfectly comfortable writing in a string that their readers and fans are also comfortable with?

That was probably the most incoherent rant you've ever read. Sorry. What are your thoughts?

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