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May 07, 2016

Title: The Crown
Author: Kiera Cass
Series: The Selection #5
Genre: YA Romance (Let's be real, this isn't Dystopian anymore)
Publication Date: May 3rd 2016
Format Read: E-Book
Publisher: HarperTeen
Rating: ★★★★★
Synopsis will not be included as it contains spoilers for the rest of the series. Please do not read this review if you haven't read the three previous books in the series or this book, as it contains spoilers.
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(Yes, I made a graphic. Do you like it??)

I cannot believe this series is over. :( On the bright side, this was a great conclusion!

Eadlyn was so different in this book! In the last book, she was an annoying, selfish brat. I think a particular near-death helped put things in perspective for her. She was kind, caring, selfless, not too bratty and basically a more grown-up, mature version of America Singer and Eadlyn 1.0. Just a much better character overall. 

I am so happy America survived. That heart-attack business was just way too much to take. Although the recovery period and the almost-death period was a bit rocky, I am so glad she came out alive and well! It was so adorable (and kind of sad) how Maxon completely stopped functioning when America collapsed.

There was one huge issue I had with everyone in this book: NONE OF THEM HATED AHREN! I don't care how in love he was or how much he wanted to escape the palace, you don't elope to become the Prince Consort of France and not come back as soon as you hear your mother had a freaking heart attack because of your stupid letter begging for forgiveness! He should have been hanged or executed or *insert painful alternative* as soon as that letter was relieved. But no! Everyone was being nice to him and "appreciating his SELFISH choices! UGH.

I cannot believe how selfless Eadlyn was being. I mean, this is OUR Eadlyn right? She wasn't abducted by a shape-shifting alien? She let Hale and Ean go once she found out they had feelings for each other. She willingly became queen because she wanted her parents to be happy. She also let Gunner go very kindly and without compensation. SHE LET KILE GO AND BUILD HOUSES! She let Josie get a job to earn money for her future dreams. I repeat, WHAT HAPPENED TO EADLYN??

I almost cried when the Hale-Ean thing was revealed. It was so touching when she revealed to Hale that she wasn't actually a selfish heartless b*tch and would let him leave and live happily ever after with his soulmate. She even offered to let him design her wedding dress! Just..... <3 <3

The Marid betrayal was expected. I never trusted that jerk. I thought he purposely arranged that Town Hall meeting so the people could see how unstable she was because she wasn't prepared for the idiots Marid had conjured up. That jerk. I wish he had died. I can't believe the public was stupid enough to fall in love with him.

I had a couple of favourite scenes in this book. The part were Erik revealed his full name was Eikko Petteri Koskinen was hilariously adorable. I can barely say Eikko, and you're springing two more foreign long names for me to try and pronounce?

My favourite scene was probably when Eadlyn asked Maxon what to do about Erik and he told her about getting beat up by his dad, about catching him with a mistress, about America's stupidity on the report during her selection and about him finding his half-sister aka Lady Brice. It was such a touching father-daughter moment - we didn't have much of that in the Heir.

I honestly thought she would actually marry Henri. I was so flustered. If you saw my Goodreads update, you already know this. 

I was ecstatic when she ran to her dad, 7 minutes to go, and decided she was going to ask Erik to marry her. Henri was so accepting and adorable! I love him, but I still stick with the fact that an English speaking country can't be ruled by a person who doesn't speak English. I wish there was a Eadko scene after the proposal and stuff. I wish there was another book filled with Eadko scenes. I am very satisfied with who she ended up with.

Overal, this was a great, strong conclusion to the series with almost no loose ends. I would love another book but I suppose it would be cruel and pointless to ruin this firm conclusion.

P.S" I love making graphics.

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  1. Awesome graphic! I like making graphics and edits too. Lots of fun. ahem. I was Team Kile, but when I began to suspect who'd she end up with, I jumped ships and became Team Erik. The Crown was around a great book XD

    1. Thanks! I know, it's soooooo addictive!! I was Team Kile the whole of The Heir and a lot of The Crown, until that moment Erik revealed his real name, which was when I changed my mind. I know, such a great book and a very good conclusion :)


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