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June 02, 2016

So... I'll have quite a bit of free time as after June 9th, I am done with school until September! Yay! I'm hoping to get so some reading done and get through a few ARCs and 2016 Releases. Here's my June TBR! I probably won't get through a lot of these. My priority are the first 5.
Okay, before I get started being over-ambitious and overconfident, planning to read like 50 books, the one book I really want to and absolutely HAVE to get to this month is Dynasty by J.D. Wright. If you didn't know already, I LOVE THE EVEREALM SERIES! Here's why you HAVE to read it  Anyway, Dynasty is the conclusion *cries for a million years* to the series and I have to find out what happens. But I don't want it to end!

This book is one that sparked my interest after I read the synopsis so I've signed up for an event relating to it. You guys should be able to see that sometime this month.

This is a random Netgalley request which I did because 1. Look at that gorgeous cover and 2. The synopsis is so WOW! I'm really interested to see where this book takes me.

This is another book which I signed up for an even for because of the Cover (SWOON!) and the description (DAYUM!). I have really high hopes for this book and I pray that it meets them.

This is a request I made on Netgalley because it's set in England and the main character goes to a British School and I'm really interested to see how that is executed in this book.

This book seems like the movie Crimes of Fashion, or at least that's what I gather from the synopsis. Girl goes to some kind of school to find mystery. There'll be an event for this book as well!

All of you have probably heard about this book by now. It's been getting rave reviews and I hear it conjures up a lot of vivid imagery. Plus, that cover is one I just want to kiss. It is the most beautiful one I've seen.

This is a book I hauled a little while ago. I'm not a very dedicated fan of Connor but I do enjoy his videos and I've never read a Youtuber's book who I actually watch so I'm intrigued, and I hope it's good.

This is the sequel to Red Queen which ended in a WOAH moment. I will probably re-read or just skim through Red Queen before I dive into this just to experience that WOW moment again and to remember details.

I am very skeptical about this one. You have Cassandra Clare, an author whom I love and then Holly Black, an author who I haven't had the best luck with mashed into a very magical-sounding, intriguing book... Can't wait to see how it is!

What are you planning on reading this month?

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