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June 14, 2016

Of course, one post of anticipated releases is definitely not enough. I mean, it's not like we can ever fit the books we're excited about into on post or any number of posts because the list is never ending (duh.) Today's Top Ten Tuesday prompt is a perfect excuse for me to ramble on about more new releases: Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For The Second Half Of The Year. Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish.

June 14th (Today!)

I read book 1 at the beginning of the year and really enjoyed it. It's a pretty great fantasy read. I cannot wait to find out what happens.
June 28th

I have read a lot of Kody Keplinger books, all of the Hamilton High books, and I immensely enjoyed them. I love her writing and stories.

July 12th

Tiny Pretty Things, book 1, was one of my favourite books of last year. It was such a great, drama-filled boarding school read and I need more!!
Sometime this year

I absolutely love the Everealm series. You know this if you've been her since last August. This series follows some characters from Everealm who I love.

This is the sequel to Song of Sovereign and of course I need to read about my beloved Everealm characters because they're just <3. Plus, the story sounds perfect!

July 31st

Guys. It's almost here. Of course I am going to read it! Isn't every potterhead? I am so excited yet so nervous! I want more HP. (duh!) I hope it's not horrible.

August 2nd

I read the Kiss of Deception and the Heart of Betrayal. The latter definitely had second book syndrome but I still need to know what happens, obviously.

September 13th

I have never heard of this author before but the title "the Reader" caught my attention (I'm a reader. I need to read about readers.) The synopsis sounds great!

October 4th

YAYY!We didn't have to wait a year! Two days less! I read book one 11 times. 11. I cannot wait to see what happens. I know it's going to be AWESOME! 

November 8th

I've read Cinder, Scarlet and Cress. I still need to read Winter and Fairest, but I've read enough to know how much I love her writing style. I cannot wait!!

What are some of your most anticipated releases for the rest of the year? Are some of mine on your list? If so, which ones, and why? Leave me your Top Ten Tuesday links down below because I love prying into strangers' bookish lives. Let's chat down in the comments.

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  1. Ooh this reminds me that I really need to read The Sword of Summer soon! I actually hadn't seen the cover for book 2 yet but OMG IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Jenna @ Reading with Jenna

    1. Sword of Summer is A-MA-ZING!!! You have to read it ASAP, it's a glorious read. IKR both the covers are goooooorrrgeouuussss! If I ever get an actual physical copy, I won't have the heart to read it in physical format because the risk of my clumsy self ruining the book is too high.

  2. Great Top Ten! I have high hopes for Run by Kody Keplinger. I LOVED The Duff, and hope it is just as good! :D
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. I loved the Duff and I loved 3 other books by her so I also have VERY high expectations for Run. Thank you, and I'll definitely check out your post! :D

  3. Gah can't wait to start Shiny Broken Pieces! That ending of TPT left me wanting more.
    Genesis @ Latte Nights Reviews

    1. I know right! It's like, who is cruel enough to end a book like that and then wait ages before releasing the sequel!! I am sooooooo excited but I still have to wait for a month... :( *wails* Thanks for stopping by!

  4. The Reader looks really fascinating! My TTT

  5. OMG Heartless=yes yes yes. (have you read the teaser at the end of Winter? it made me hungry.) I haven't got around to the Magnus Chase series or any or the others, although I HAVE heard of Kody Klepinger (she wrote D.U.F.F, right?) Anyway, these all look exciting!

    1. IKR! No, I'm stupid and haven't read Winter yet ( I KNOW PLEASE DON'T YELL AT ME OR KILL ME!.) Omg you haaaaaveeee to read Rick Riordan's books! They are A-MA-ZING!!! Yeah, Kody Keplinger wrote DUFF and it was great! I know, so much excitement!

  6. The Cursed Child, The Reader, Hammer of Thor and Heartless were all on my list too!
    My TTT:

    1. Yay, High five for similar book taste!!! I can't wait for all those to come out!

  7. Yesss, I am nervous but I also need the Cursed Child in my life <3 I also can't wait for the release of Heartless!

    Aentee at Read at Midnight

    1. The Cursed Child is on the top of my wishlist because HELLO? Harry Potter? Yeeessss Heartless is being much anticipated by me (and half the world, probably.)

  8. Oh how did I miss the next Harry Potter book! Can't wait.


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