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June 13, 2016

Everybody loves fantasy, right? I mean, magic, magical creatures, magical faces, magical places, magical EVERYTHING!!! Here are just some fantasy series I think EVERYBODY should read because they are just fantastically E-P-I-C!
(This post is TOTALLY not me trying to get people to read books so I can talk about them with them because nobody I know has read them and I NEED TO TALK ABOUT THESE BOOKS!! Totally not.)

I. LOVE. this series. I did a whole post about why you should read Everealm here but I can't help but including it in this post.
  • The magic in the series is awesome. It might not be the most unique but some very unexpected and wild things happen with magic in this series which gives the magic a whole new meaning.
  • You will literally become besties with the characters. I love how we get to see into every single character's head in this series. We get to know the very well-developed characters at a whole new level (teehee) and we can really connect with them.
  • The world building is awesome. There is a lot of history behind Everealm and I feel that it's shown really well. The world itself is focused on very prominently, despite the...
  • Romance... it's very romance-heavy. I usually detest romance but I love it in this book, as we get to know the character's well before we start with the heavy romance. It is written very well.
  • Multiple POV is one of the reasons we connect with the characters so well. We have a bunch of different characters from a bunch of different places talking to us throughout the book in the most random order, yet it all seems to weave together and make sense.
  • The Writing Style is great. I chuckled out loud a lot during this series and all the books are extremely easy to read. I didn't find a boring sentence in the whole series!
Everealm (#1) | Wildfire (#2) | Blood Moon (#3)

Okay, I know all of you and your mothers are intimidated by the size of these books. However, it is completely and utterly worth spending time on, so I urge you to do it.
  • The most unique magic system I've ever read about. I am not kidding or exaggerating. The characters in this series burn metals to get powers from them. How awesome is that? The way were are introduced to and taught the way of the metals is very interesting, t's almost as if we experience the art ourself.
  • Brandon Sanderson is the master of writing. It's like he writes normal human words, then applies some magic potion to them to make the more special! I dont' know why I find myself allured by his writing style, but it is just amazing beyond description.
  • You feels will go on the biggest roller-coaster ride in the history of the world. I've read a lot of moving books, but this series just takes your heart into its control. It tramples on it, shatters it into a million pieces, bandages it back together, throws it off a 10 storey building, stitches it together, runs it over with a truck repeatedly and keeps going on and on in a vicious cycle. This is a GOOD thing, because the book becomes you, and you become the book. It's an unbelievably emotional adventure.
  • You're an endless pretzel, and you will keep being thrown into a loop. Seriously, you won't see three-quarters of this series coming, and you will sit there with your mouth hanging wide open, mind-blown. You will be unable to comprehend the epicness that is Mistborn, and all its wicked plot-twists.
  • The characters are amazing. You become the characters when you read the books, and you experience everything they do. Vin, the main character is THE beeeessssst character ever <3 <3 They are very lovable characters.

Brandon Sanderson is just really great. He's an incredibly Epic fantasy writer, and you need to read everything he writes.
  • The magic system is really weird, and interesting. They draw a bunch of lines and circles for defence, and little chalk dragons are their army. It's great, right? It's really simple, yet it's woven into a really intricate story.
  • Of course, Brandon Sanderson's writing is great, without a question. You'll probably fly through this book.
  • The story is epic. There is no other way to describe it, it's just epic. I absolutely loved the premise.
  • If you're looking for a lighter Brandon Sanderson read to start out with before the Mistborn series, this is your golden ticket. It's YA and doesn't have a world that's as deeply built with myths, legends and magic while still being extremely intriguing.

This is a Middle Grade fantasy series, one of the first I ever read and fell in love with.
  • There are tons and tons of great magical creatures in this book. I love books with a diverse collection of supernatural species, and this series is filled with fascinating new monsters and critters.
  • The two main characters, Seth and Kendra, are siblings. This makes their points of view hilarious, and their constant sibling rivalry is extremely entertaining. Seth is naturally a comical  character who keeps you laughing and Kendra is the sensible one who comes up with he strangest plans.
  • Their grandparents are the reason they know about the magic world, and it's really refreshing. It's a series were older people and parental figures are actually part of the magical realm and not blocked out of it, which you don't see a lot these days. 
  • The writing style is great. You go through these books really quickly, and they keep you entertained which a new magical surprises around every corner and it's wonderfully easy to enjoy.

This is categorised as middle grade, but there is quite a lot of Romance in it so I'd say it's more YA, but it's just kissing.
  • The concept is very interesting. There is a school for good and a school for evil. Sophie thinks she's good, and Agatha thinks she's evil, but they get switched. How interesting is that? It's funny seeing the two settling in with people who are supposedly, but not according to them, like themselves.
  • Sophie is hilarious. Yes, she's one of those mean-girl type characters but I found her furiousness and constant commentary absolutely hilarious for some reason. I also loved the relationship between Agatha and Sophie.
  • The schools are very well described and developed. It's fun to see what activities the good do vs the evil and the sleeping arrangements, friendships, classes, everything was just so fascinating to read about. I enjoyed comparing and contrasting each factor for each of the two schools.
  • Good writing style. Although it is not mind-blowing, you will most probably get into this book very quickly. It's quite fast-paced and not too info-dumpy, which is very important with fantasies.
That's most of the fantasy series I would urge all of you to read right. now. Seriously, stop wasting your time on the internet (after you've commented on this post, of course,) make a trip to the library, check out as many of the books as you can and READ! What are some of your favourite fantasies? Have you read any of the ones I've mentioned? If so, which ones, and what did you think? What do you look for in a good fantasy read? Is fantasy one of your favourite genres? Lets chat down in the comments. 

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  1. Oh I love fantasy recommendations and even more if it's filled with books I still have to read! I only read the first book in the Mistborn trilogy, but still need to read the others though... Adding all to TBR now :) Thanks for the recommendations!

    1. Oh my goodness, you need to continue with mistborn! How were you able to stop after that ending!!?? You need to get to the others. I know this might be hard to believe, but they are even more epic! Haha, no problem. I'm glad I was helpful, and they I was able to add to your mountainous TBR pile! :D


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