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June 16, 2017

Yes, this is extremely late. So, I managed to read quite a bit in May. Probably shouldn't have, since I was supposed to be studying for my final exams but oh well, it's done and dusted now!

The Sweet Far Things (Gemma Doyle #3)
Libba Bray
I read this as an audiobook, and I loved the narrator. The story itself was a bit slow at times, and a lot of things that happened in this book felt like a filler. At times, the main character's thoughts seemed very repetitive. However, I loved the character development we got in this book, we saw a different side of some characters we've known for quite a while. The ending was quite satisfying, but I felt there were a few questions left unanswered. The romance made me dock this down from a 4 to a 3.75, I wasn't a big fan.

Royce Rolls 
Margaret Stohl
This book was highly entertaining. The plot follows a family which has essentially grown up on reality TV, due to the crazy, fame-obsessed mom. There were a lot of bizarre, hilarious things that happened in this book which made me laugh out loud. The family dynamic in this book was very different, and I love how it was explored. At times, the plot felt a little too far fetched for my taste. One of the characters deals with an unhealthy addiction, and I liked how the author dealt with this particular character. The writing style was a bit difficult to get through at times.

You're Welcome Universe 
Whitney Gardner
This book follows a deaf street-artist, which is what interested me. I liked how we didn't always get the whole dialogue, since the protagonist, Julia, has to lip-read most of the time and she usually only gets bits and pieces. I loved that she had Indian heritage, but I felt like the Indian background could have been explored a bit more. The street-art stuff bored me at times, and I could not connect to Julia at all throughout the book and found her to be quite an annoying character. I did love the side characters like Yoga-pants (still don't know her name...) and the interpreter and enjoyed reading about them more than I did reading about Julia.

Always and Forever Lara Jean
Jenny Han
This book is literally just Lara Jean and her family and friends living their lives, which is great! It's not really a necessary book, but I loved it nonetheless. I pretty much guessed a lot of things that happened in this book, but I obviously loved seeing LJ and Peter together. Seeing the characters deal with college anxiety and the future was interesting. For once, we get to see what happens after the characters get their "happy ending" or end up with their love interest, and it was nice to see Lara Jean and Peter actually work through normal people issues instead of just being the perfect OTP couple.

Empress of a Thousand Skies
Rhoda Belleza
I was so excited for this book. It involved space travel and evil rulers and rebellion, what more could I ask for? Unfortunately, after the first 100 pages or so, the story fell completely flat for me. The writing style started to drag, the main character seemed to have this burning desire for revenge and we are not given any reason to support this desire other than the fact that she is so determined that she is right. I had to skim through the last third since it got so boring. I just couldn't connect with any of the characters, and the dialogue seemed so cliché. Not a fan.

The Dark Prophecy (Trials of Apollo #2)
Rick Riordan
He's done it again, folks! Rick Riordan, how do you do this? I loved it. It was hilarious, and the writing style made this book fly by way too quickly. Apollo's character was explored much more deeply in this book, which I loved. I loved the new characters introduced and the new greek myths and legends I learnt about. The only character I didn't enjoy in this book was Meg, who I felt could have been looked into more. She was just there being a bit rude and stuffing her face with food most of the time. I cannot wait for book 3, and to see where this story goes!

Queens of Geek
Jen Wilde
This book follows a dual perspective, which I always enjoy. I love seeing how different characters see the same event, and how things that don't make sense in one perspective suddenly seem so obvious in the other. The characters are at a comic convention, and one of them is a famous vlogger (that's how they got the tickets.) I enjoyed watching the characters' journey, and how they found themselves throughout the book. One of the characters deals with anxiety, and seeing from her point of view and how she dealt with it was interesting. I felt as if sometimes, the main male protagonist seemed too perfect, he literally did nothing except be there and be supportive. I felt as if he wasn't developed enough. There were also a heck ton of references to comic-y stuff which I didn't care for, but that's more my fault than the author's. I'm not really a comic-book buff.

Meagan Spooner
I actually didn't know this was a Beauty and the Beast retelling before I started reading this. I just picked it up, started reading it and couldn't stop. I enjoyed the writing style very much. The family dynamic between Yeva and her sisters was very well done, and this was one of the few stories with a romance that didn't put me off or take over the entire story. I connected with all the character and wanted to learn more about all of them. I want a whole book about the three sisters just living their lives! I liked how the Russian folklore was woven into the story. The setting of the beast's castle was described extremely well, and I could picture this story very vividly in my head. I was very satisfied with the ending, although it wasn't how I expected it to go.

Ashley Poston
Another book which revolves around a comic convention/cosplay event. It is obviously a cinderella retelling, so it was very predictable. Our main 'cinderella' character was developed very well, and I actually enjoyed the comic-book-ish references in this book. I loved how the "pumpkin" was incorporated into the story. I also enjoyed the dual perspective between Danielle and the 'prince', Darien. The romance in this book felt very insta-lovey and unrealistic, which is expected because you usually don't dance with someone one night and get married to them the next, but it still felt way too far fetched. The side characters were very interesting to read about, and I actually got very attached to some of them, even more so than to the main characters.

Highly Illogical Behavior
John Corey Whaley
The male protagonist, Sol, deals with severe anxiety, so much so that he hasn't left the house in years, and the female protagonist, Lisa attempts to help him. This was a very insightful story, and I think the anxiety was represented very well. The friendships that evolved in this story were beautiful, and I loved reading about them. There were some very emotional and heartbreaking scenes in this book, which I enjoyed. I also feel this is one of the only YA books with a close-knit family who actually talk to each other, which was refreshing. I had a few problems with Lisa, who seemed to have this extremely arrogant mindset that she could "fix" Sol, and that he needed to be fixed. She was quite selfish in her reasons to befriend him, and I get it, she's human, but this aspect of her character wasn't addressed properly by the author.

Lady Midnight
Cassandra Clare
I re-read this in preparation for Lord of Shadows, and didn't enjoy it as much the second time around. Emma and Julian's parabatai bond is a very large part of this story, and I felt like their bond was repeatedly emphasized to a point where it just got boring to read about how much they adored each other. It seemed more like an unhealthy obsession. I feel like I've read way too many times about Julian's curls being plastered to his forehead and Emma's multi-coloured magical hair, and these unnecessary descriptions would be added during crucial points in the story which took away from the actual premise. Emma's dialogue felt extremely forced and cheesy at times and I found myself rolling my eyes a lot. However, I cannot deny that Cassandra Clare draws you in with her plot twists and breaks your heart into a million different pieces. I grew attached to every single one of the characters (except Julian and Emma who I'm not sure if I like or hate anymore) and I loved seeing all the familiar faces from the Shadowhunter Chronicles throughout this book.

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