Looking Back at All My Lies | Revisiting my "Most Anticipated Reads" Post

September 16, 2017

Throughout my blogging journey, I have made many, many posts that talk about my "most anticipated" reads. Let's go back to one of those and see how many of the books I've actually read and liked. This is going to be interesting... hahahaha *nervous glances*

The original post was called "MORE BOOKS I NEED IN MY HANDS NOW BECAUSE I'M DYING WAITING | TOP TEN TUESDAY." Notice the "more..." yep, I've done quite a few of these. In fact I did one at the beginning of September which we can laugh at a few months down the road.

Score: 2/3
Yay! That's the majority! Okay, I actually have an excuse for The Shadow Cadets. I cannot find it anywhere! It's not on Amazon India or any Indian bookstores. I can't even get it on Overdrive, so that isn't my fault. But I absolutely loved Run and Shiny Broken Pieces. 
Score: 2/3
Again, a majority! I am doing great so far. I have actually even reviewed Song of Sovereign and Song of Sorrows, and reread them this year (do I get bonus points?) About the Cursed Child... I don't want to taint my love of Harry Potter so I will refrain from reading it. 
Score: 0/3
*hangs head in shame* You see, it's been ages since I read The Kiss of Deception. I didn't even like the Heart of betrayal, so I don't know if I'll ever finish the trilogy. I'll try to though! I totally forgot about The Reader... oops. *adds to TBR on Goodreads* I will read the Hammer of Thor this month. I swear.  I already checked out the audiobook from the library.
Score: 0/1
Meh. I hear this is extremely romance heavy from my friends. I am not a very big romance fan, so I probably will never read this. I was excited about this before though. Oh well. 

Total Score: 4/10

Yep...I didn't even read half of them. I guess we've established you can't trust me. I have brainwashed you into doing so for this long though... mwuhahahahaha

Maybe I just picked a bad post, so I'll have to do more of these in the future and redeem myself. That will also give me a chance to cheat and read all the books before I do the post so I look like a better human being


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