The Sleepless by Nuzo Onoh - Spoiler Free Review | African Horror is messed up but great

April 08, 2016

Title: The Sleepless
Author: Nuzo Onoh
Standalone Novel
Genre: African Horror
Publication Date: June 28 2016
Format Read: E-Book
Publisher: Canaan-Star Publishing
Rating: ★★★.75
**The Author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**
An innocent boy is lured to his death by the one person that should have protected him. Someone knows the truth about his disappearance; his little sister, Obele, a child that hears a secret voice which tells her terrible things no child should know about. Obele knows too much and must be killed. Her salvation lies in the hands of her new friends, a group of giggling little girls she meets at an abandoned "cursed house." Except their friendship comes with a terrible price. And suddenly, Obele starts to ask herself who exactly...or rather, what exactly are her new friends. Worse, how can she free the tormented ghost of her dead brother, trapped by a witchdoctor's curse? Set amidst the Biafran War, "The Sleepless" follows one child's struggles against both the natural and supernatural forces that threaten to end her life before the deadly enemy bombs can do so. And perhaps, death from the skies is a better option than the terrifying alternative. "The Sleepless" - Another chilling tale about the restless and vengeful dead by the Queen of African Horror, Nuzo Onoh."

I very much enjoyed "Sleepless." The story was engaging, the characters were interesting (and this was surprising as  I've never been one who enjoys horror novels or movies as I usually don't get scared.)

Although this book didn't frighten me, I loved the characters. Obele is an amazingly egging character with a very unique point of view. I was never bored when she was in the scene and  you will probably be rooting for her throughout the book. She's a character that stays in your heart. 

Sometimes, I found the creepy cat thing kind strange but I suppose it's normal for an African Horror normal. However, the other supernatural elements were incorporated very well into the novel. In the beginning, I wanted to punch the stupid "dad" and the stupid plump woman in the face really, really bad. The poor kid :(

The thing that put me off about this book is the writing style. At the beginning, it felt very childish, even for a Middle Grade novel. It took me quite a while to actually get me into the book, as I couldn't look past the writing style for ages but, obviously, I eventually did. 

Overall, it was a very enjoyable book with a great storyline, although the writing style might need some getting used to. I would definitely recommend it to horror lovers, you'd probably find it more frightening and creepy than I did. 


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