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The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson - Spoiler Review (The most incoherent and structurally rubbish review ever)

May 26, 2016

Title: The Hero of Ages
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Series: Mistborn #3
Genre: High Fantasy
Publication Date: October 14th 2008
Format Read: Paperback
Publisher: Tor Fantasy
Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★....
Synopsis of Book 1:
A thousand years ago evil came to the land and has ruled with an iron hand ever since. The sun shines fitfully under clouds of ash that float down endlessly from the constant eruption of volcanoes. A dark lord rules through the aristocratic families and ordinary folk are condemned to lives in servitude, sold as goods, labouring in the ash fields.
But now a troublemaker has arrived and there is rumour of revolt. A revolt that depends on criminal that no-one can trust and a young girl who must master Allomancy - the magic that lies in all metals.

 So. We start off with Elend the freaking Mistborn going and conquering some city of some Fatren guy. I hardly pay attention in this scene because I am still too busy fuming about the fact that Sanderson, master of fantasy, has decided to give our very beloved (not) Elend allomantic powers - even worse, all of the allomantic powers. *sigh* Why, why, WHY? The one thing I do notice is that he is now EMPEROR Venture. This just keeps getting better and better.

And then we immediately move to TenSoon, who is imprisoned for giving away the big Kandra secret to Vin. I found the Kandra chapters particularly intriguing. The whole species were just fascinating to read about and I'm glad we got to focus a lot more on their religion (TERRIS!) and their way of living.

We know about Hemalurgy from the beginning of the book. You kill allomancers and steal their powers into a metal spike which you then pierce into the bodies of other creatures in certain places to give them that allomantic power except not as powerful. Great. It is of Ruin. Not so great. It allowed Ruin to freaking control every single freaking person in the freaking world because literally all he had to do was put a spike in their body, make them ignore it for ages and turn them into crazy, death-craving psychopaths. GEEZ! Sanderson, I really fear your sanity if you're able to come up with twisted stuff like this.

Then we move on to SAZED! OH MY FREAKING SAZED! He has completely lost all his Sazedness and has become a faithless little... whatever who just wants to find truth in GOD except not really because he is determined to eliminate every single religion in the world that he knows of except that's stupid because he becomes god (will get to that in a bit.) *sigh* I was completely shocked at what had become of Sazed. He could not be cheered up or diverted from the state the death of Tindwyl had left him in. I missed the real Sazed for so. long. We never really got him back :( 
"“My dear man,” Breeze said, sipping his wine, “I’m disappointed in you. Weren’t you just speaking about being polite? Well, it’s not at all polite to point out a crusty old pessimist’s dark inner secret.” “Dark inner secret?” Sazed asked. “That you’re kindhearted?” “It’s an attribute in myself"
The part where Breeze asks him to preach a religion and Sazed blatantly refused and something like "I have no faith left. Preaching religions would leave me a hypocrite" was just... </3 </3. HE STOPPED WEARING HIS COPPERMINDS!! I. Want. My. Sazed. Back. I loved the new friendship between Breeze and Sazed though, and I'm glad Breeze came back recovered fully from his shell-shocked state.

Elend and vin are trying to recover all these storage caches with food and supposedly trustable information from Rashek. I didn't understand at first why the stuff was written in metal but I get now it was because Ruin couldn't read metal. So we have food, which would only be useful if the people stopped dying because of the mists and if Elend could actually supply everyone with the food before they died of starvation. And the caches had maps to more caches, the final one being the one with the Atium except NO because the Atium was still in the pits.
“I was trained by a surly Mistborn, a sarcastic Terrisman, and a group of disrespectful thieves,” Elend said, sighing. “Plus, on top of that, I was a fairly insufferable person to begin with. But, kindly continue with your insult—I didn’t mean to interrupt.”
I felt like Vin and Elend were being way to naïve in this book. They basically walked into a ball thrown but he one whose city they wanted to siege. Elend got carried away by scholarly conversation with Yomen without even suspecting he was being manipulated. It was too easy for Vin to sneak past. And, of course, after all that talk about Vin always working on not keeping her back exposed, she turns her back on a door and bam! Manipulated into being locked in a cellar-dungeon-cache-thing. Geez. And Elend is all "I would love to be Yomen's BFF. He's so nice and scholarly." *facepalm*

After this manipulation, I developed a lot of respect for Yomen. Not anyone would have been able to manipulate the dynamic mistborn couple like that. He is a freaking ATIUM misting, which would be an extremely useful allomantic ability to have. Yomen turns out to be an alright guy. 

I found the people of Urteau to be extremely annoying. The way they kept mentioning that the crew were traitors to the survivor and the Survivor this and Survivor that just.... WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR PROBLEM? You didn't know the Survivor, Vin and the crew did. VIN WAS TRAINED BY THE SURVIVOR! You claim to be chosen by the Survivor, to be true to his wishes yet you have no freaking clue that Kelsier himself decided to spare Elend's life (although I didn't agree with that decision) so  SHUT. YOUR. MOUTH.
"“Oh, come on. You have to admit that you’re unusual, Vin. You’re like some strange mixture of a noblewoman, a street urchin, and a cat."
When Vin was trapped in that basement cellar thing, she saw Ruin. Ruin disguised as Reen. I actually believed the Reen thing for a second, and I also wrote a very flustered Goodreads status at the point but no, Reen is still dead. We don't know Reen at all. We know Ruin. Similar names..... I was just mind-blown by that point. I had thought of Ruin already manipulating Vin. I guessed that she had a Hemalurgic spike previously and that it was probably her earring. The parts with Ruin were agonising. I kept screaming TAKE THE EARRING OFF TAKE THE FREAKING EARRING OFF I BEG OF YOU! 

I loved Spook in this book. The little guy who gave Vin the handkerchief in book 1 has grown up so much! *sobs* They grow up so fast. He was just so badass, more confident with himself, a little more accepting of himself and was taking more risks. Cubs' death (*sobs* *bursts into tears*) has really changed him. When he was in that burning house, I lost it. KELSIER WAS THERE except no because Ruin was manipulating Spook through another one of those damned Hemalurgic spikes and... UGHHHH. I honestly thought it was Kelsier who gave him the Pewter, because I would literally give up anything to actually bring him back to life. *sigh*
“ALL RIGHT,” BREEZE SAID, “so does somebody want to speculate on how our team’s spy ended up becoming a pseudo-religious vigilante freedom fighter?”
Spook becomes Kelsier 2.0, survivor of the flames. I was a bit surprised at that for a while, and it was hilarious how Sazed and Breeze were all "oh, I wonder who this new amazing survivor is" *Spook walks in* DAMN SON! I also loved the relationship, albeit brief relationship between Beldre and Spook. When they started mentioning the "Wasing of where of needing" eastern slang stuff I lost all chill. I loved Spook's old accent (although I didn't understand it at all) and was so glad it happened! WASING OF THE LOVING OF THE FLAMING SURVIVOR!  

Let's talk about Kandra. So their stupid-ass first generation who were with Rashek on the way to the Well of Ascension is just like "We've done enough. Let's just sit back while the world is ending. All is well." UGH! And then we have the even more idiotic second generation, especially KanPaar, who I just wanted to strangle to death. TenSoon tricks them into giving him the dog's body which, along with the four Hemalurgic spikes, allow him to outrun the rest of his race. Well done. Bravo. But no, it doesn't end there. THE KANDRA PEOPLE HAVE THE ATIUM WHICH IS THE BODY OF RUIN WHICH IS WHY HE CAME BACK TO LIFE BECAUSE HE DOES NOT HAVE A BODY BECAUSE PRESERVATION STOLE IT FROM HIM AND OUT IT IN THE PITS OF HATHSIN WHICH IS THE HOMELAND OF THE KANDRA WHAT? (I warned you in the title.)
"For nothing is truly complete until the day it is finally destroyed."
Atium is technically ruin which means technically, people are burning Ruin's body. So what if all the Atium is burnt up? Is ruin just... gone? Or does the burnt Atium regenerate in the pits? SO. CONFUSED! Also, what the hell is it doing in the Kandra freaking homeland? THEY HAVE THE SPIKES so Ruin can control them and get his full freaking power back and destroy the world!

I still cannot believe the Kandra started out as Terrismen. Sazed was searching for the religion for AGES and it was literally right there. What a plot twist. I can't believe the idiots just allowed Rashek to turn them into Kandra. Why would they do that? "I don't care if you're the hero of ages, but I didn't come all the way up this mountain to give up my sanity to Ruin." That would have been my response. I was really sad that Vin didn't get to reunite with her puppy though...

"This is actually what happened to Rashek, I believe. He pushed too hard. He tried to burn away the mists by moving the planet closer to the sun, but he moved it too far, making the world far too hot for the people who inhabited it. The ashmounts were his solution to this. He had learned that shoving a planet around required too much precision, so instead he caused the mountains to erupt, spewing ash and smoke into the air. The thicker atmosphere made the world cooler, and turned the sun red."

I am reluctant, but I accept that the Lord Ruler wasn't a complete idiot. He kept the Atium away from Ruin, Clever man, but he did too much. If he hadn't been so keen to make the world perfect, the ash problem would not exist. The people would have more nutrients in their GREEN plants. He ruined a lot, but also saved a bit. I still hate him, but understand a few of the things he did.

Weirdly, I didn't shed a tear about Vin and Elend's death. They died in a sort of.... peaceful way. Well, Vin becoming Preservation and dragging herself and Ruin into an abyss isn't necessarily "peaceful" but you get what I mean. I'm still confused about Elend's death. He was standing there one moment and the next moment he's... dead. Oh well, it was (kinda) nice knowing you! I feel like if Elend was gone and Vin remained, or vice versa, it would have been more painful but they ended together anyway, so I don't really care.

Of course, we have the final great moment, DUN DUN DUUUUUNNN.... Sazed is the Hero of Ages! I felt Sanderson did hand that one to us on a silver platter. Those epigraphs (is that what they're called) at the beginning of the chapters were a bit too informative in this book. It's amazing how many "mind-blowns" he managed to get out of us despite that fact...

Anyway, Sazed. God. Ruin AND Preservation. WHAT? I was literally walking around the house frantically trying to make sense of everything, and then BAM! Sorry, the Hero is actually Sazed! I was kind of disappointed about that, since he wouldn't directly interact with the crew-members anymore. But, he placed Vin and Elend's corpses, fully reformed (except for the souls) on a garden. HE MADE THE SKIES BLUE AND THE PLANTS GREEN! KELSIER'S AND MARE'S DREAM CAME TRUE! I love that moment when Sazed drew the truth from all the religions and put them together to create a world somewhat similar to yours. GO SAZED!

And finally, Spook is a mistborn! He is healed from his severe injuries and reunited with Beldre. Breeze and Ham managed to survive all that mumbo jumbo and stay somewhat sane. Vin and Elend dead and, apparently, peacefully together in their afterlife. Sazed watching over all of them, and all of us. What a wonderful way to end the series.

What are your thoughts?

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